He Has A Haircut Fetish

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Awesome new humiliation junkie caller on Niteflirt this past week with a hair cutting fetish. Evan had fairly shaggy hair and wanted to be forced to cut it. Forced to shave it off and make his body bare. How was I going to make this happen over the phone?  I had Evan get on Skype for me, he was ready with his haircutting scissors but afraid to start cutting into his hair. He also had an electric razor for shaving everything off and I was determined to make him chop it all off.  His haircut fetish was now mine for the clipping, he was in tears with the first snip, by the first massive chunk came off his dick got hard and he wanted to take a jerk off break. There was no jerking off until he buzzed his pubes bald.  It took a little over 2 hours to turning this loser into a bald beauty. The tears were flowing and so was his nasty dick.  I think I have a haircut fetish now, so who wants to cut their hair off on webcam for me?

“My name is Evan and i am a 21 year old novice submissive and i am interested in phone sessions. ive actually got a big time fetish for forced haircutting and shaving (anywhere on the body really) done by a dominant woman. my hair is brown, straight, and shaggy-long. I am brand new to the online scene, and i started looking here because i have tried to find an actual experience of this nature, but there are no local dominant women who like this fetish of mine.I would love to know anything that you can tell me about how this would work when i called you because i will fully admit that i am very nervous to do so.”