Happy Jew Year 2008 Making It Great for ME!

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Happy New Year Jew year losers!
My holidays were amazing, I was traveling of course I had to hit up Vegas for xmas since the goys close the whole day down.
I had some hard core xmas phone fun! So many desperate lone dorks out there.
I just got a like totally hot new piece of Furstenburg luggage from my Lawyer Loser who is so addicted he is almost bordering annoying the hell out of me.
I put a couple new pictures on my niteflirt page for you jerkoffs to play with.
Being the greedy Jewish Princess that I am I stole a few grand from a local loser who needed to be put into proper place before I outed him on myspace that he likes sucking black dick!
Thanks pink lipped slut!
During xmas I had one awesome loser who made a Jewish shrine to me in his closet and hid in there all of xmas eve while the family was fast asleep. IDIOT!!!
Like you dorks will do anything for me and I love it.
I have a new unorigional wanna be on niteflirt who tried taking my name Jappy Princess and incorporating it into hers. Ohhh how clever!!!
Flattering that I can aid in someones unoriginal idea.
Let this Jewish Bitch tear you down dorks!!

New callers who click and call will get 3 free minutes to spend with me.