Happy Hanukkah 2008 Loser Latka Toss

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Happy Hanukkah losers,  I’ve been really busy with a few classes that have me extra busy and not here to sit and jerk you losers off with my tales of douchebags and sissy fag boys.  I do always have time for a good round of Financial Domination though.  My long term panty wearing tv producer gave me a major Hanukkah bonus this year.  He has this stunning house in the Hollywood Hills overlooking  Los Angeles and lucky for me the wife and kids were in Aspen for the holidays while he wrapped things up here.  I had 2 fun filled days of serious Jewish Princess ass kissing.  I stayed over there in the guest house for 2 days and I bossed his bitch ass around and shopped on the internet like crazy!  I wanted to have a little early Hanukkah party so I invited a couple girlfriends over to the house and we made him sit on the couch and give us smoochies on our royal Jewish Princess asses.  My friend Deb brought over latkas and we thought we would make a fun game out of it.  Loser Latka toss born.  We took our pathetic loser with his nasty hairy nebbish body and laid him out on a towel and put circles around his titties and his nasty small lame excuse for a dick.  Each circle was a few points, if you tossed the latka and landed in .. Voila.. points.  You get the idea.  After all the fun was over and my friends left I got a really sweet new Gucci purse that was supposed to be for his wife. I wanted it and knew it was mine and as an added bonus for being the grand prize winner of the loser latka toss he put $2000 in the zipper pocket. Oh what a loser will do to keep my Jappy ass mouth shut ! HA HA loooosers What FUN! Happy Holidays!!

No one financially dominates quite like a Jewish Princess

Hanukkah 2008

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