Happy 420 Earth Day Puff Puff Pass Too Jappy Princess

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Hey bitch’s Happy 420! Everyone knows how us Jews love to smoke our tree’s. I’ve been enjoying Earth Day and 420 hanging out down in San Diego and staying at a really amazing new hotel the Se in this AWESOME suite overlooking downtown. Duh, I didn’t pay for it.
I had this ass kisser Keith from San Francisco calling me up on Friday night begging me to get him smashed and fuck him over and pretend I would have sex with him.
Keith is your typical goy boy who really wishes a Jewess would actually pay attention to him. He understands that my superior bitchy ass has the power in it to get exactly what it wants, and right then my ass wanted a nice getaway to San Diego to check out a new hotel/spa that just opened.
I had taken some pictures of me on my iphone in something really sexy and of course charged him $100 for something personal and custom on the fly. That was it, game on bottle open and shots ready to be poured down his loser throat. I kept telling Keith how sexy I thought he was and that I was so excited to to take him to my hotel room and let him fuck his Jewish Princess really hard. The more my whiny stuck up voice echoed through his head he fell under my trance and the tributes started coming. Bonus hit when he sent me a gift certificate for my hotel stay for last night. I love getting guys all hard and ready to pull the trigger on the goo gun and then BAM I smack you in the face when I turn on you saying “AS IF BITCH! MY JAPPY ASS IS LIKE WAY TOO GOOD FOR YOU!” chastised and used I had a fabulous time.