Hanukkah Just Another Gift Giving Day For A Jewish Princess

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Hey geek squad, Hanukkah starts tonight and well like for me its just an excuse to lay on the extra gimme’s. My first of 8 spa cards came today from Josh who lives for sniffing my Jewish ass. Josh is also a member of the tribe and has been really good to me this year so I thought I would be a nice Jewish girl for a change and sent him a gift. He got really lucky and got a pair of my nylons that I wore out this past weekend and had some serious pussy stains in crotch. The Jewish Prince had to fuck me before I went out and leave his scent all over me so, nylons extra skanky. Lots of cum stains and the most heavenly scent. Before you boy’s start messaging me and emailing me asking me if I will send you some stuff stop and ask yourself, “Have I spent more then a a few hundred on Princess Melissa this year?” If the answer is no then don’t even think about asking me.
I did my first Jewish phone sex call in Hebrew, and like well my Hebrew hasn’t really been used since my Bat Mitzvah ok also when my Israeli girlfriends and I are out shopping or getting our nails done and feel the need to talk shit which is like all the time.
Michael my super rich bitch slave is on holiday and checking in with me at each destination and picking up gifts for me along the way, my package from Marrakesh should be arriving soon and he said its going to blow me away. I’m hoping it’s some really hot Moroccan lamps for my pool deck.
Off to get my nails done and get ready for tonight’s Hanukkah party. Your chosen one sent out a little Hanukkah pay to view on Niteflirt for all you pud pullers. Toke up bitches.