Hanukkah Holiday Humiliation

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Hanukkah one of my favorite times of the year because it means tripling up on gifts! Like most every other Jewish Princess on the planet its just another excuse to get gifts 8 days in a row which isn’t really out of the ordinary for me. This year my Daddy got my my very own Amex platinum to play with when I go to Europe in Feb. Hurrah for me, I love being a Jewish Princess!
So, like check out my UK pay pig cash slut camel jockey! I just couldn’t stop taking the losers money, I mean 8 full days means 8 big tributes. I did reciprocate and give him something back in return. I allowed him to cover most of his face because he knew the second I made him get on cam I was going to expose him and potentially black mail his dumb Arab ass.
For all my Niteflirt Jewish Princess lovers a spectacular holidazzle ass worship photo set has been sent out for you to rub one out to. I know what a drag it can be spending THAT much time with your boring family and you’ll need that escape to your oh so superior one. The chosen one thats me!