Halloween Time JAP-O-Lantern fun

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Trick or treat geeks, I sent out in my Jappiest sexy whiny voice an alert wondering who was going to make a JAP-O-Lantern for me this year. I was a little disappointed when all I got was a couple idiots call me on Niteflirt and get on web cam and fuck a pumpkin pie, fuck a can of pumpkin pie and one other strike out of an idea of stuffing pumpkin pie chocolate chip cookies down a leotard with nylons underneath. The body suit was slightly entertaining but it wasn’t what I called for.
I knew I had a sissy who would come through on this humiliation task. I’ve held on to this little artillery of humiliating photos of Tommy Mononberg, pretty much insuring that any time I want to humor myself with some crazy idea I have this loser to complete my task. He knows if he doesn’t there is likely to be a stiff financial penalty and the potential for me to contact his place of work and give him the ultimate life fuck over. It’s not like I’m totally blackmailing the nerd I’m just keeping him as a humiliation toy that HAS to do as I say.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, he’s still a little fat for a sissy I want his stomach flat, but he did lose a bit of weight, it almost looks like he has white toenail polish on. I’m not 100% happy with this round of pumpkin fucking. First of all Tommy didn’t have a sissy costume on like I wanted and the hole seem’s a bit wide for a man with such a tiny cock. The panties on make it almost barely there you can’t even tell he has boy parts how gross! Still it has made me crack up and made for a great email to send all my friends who are bored at work and to spread around Twitter for the rest of the world to make fun of. There will be more fun to be had with this, i’m not done playing with my toy. I still haven’t decided what I’m going as for Halloween. How about I go as a debit card and you dress up as the ATM and I just keep sliding in and out of you all day until you’ve been drained. Once you’ve been drained it’s Jap-O-Clock and I turn back into a Jewish Princess who ignores geeks like YOU.

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