Guys Pretending They Are Girls Online

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Spoiled Femdom Princess’s like myself are super busy in the Summer to be updating all the time. Sorry nerdlings but you know I’m always tweeting at least a few times a day when I can. So whats been going on other then the usual fabulousness of getting paid to hang out with my friend poolside while I tease guys to jerk off in panties.
So, sad my Sunday nights will be baron without the sister Princess’s Of Long Island. Sorry I had to stop blogging it but it took way too much of my time and it never really got past the crying and snor factor. But, I kept watching to support those sister bitches. If there is a season 2 I’ll be back for more.
Now to the exciting phone sex stories you all ask me about all the time. Here have a popular topic.
Time for me to stick my hypnosis inducing ass up in the air at Pilates.
When guys send emails pretending they are girls this is what you get – The kind of Men who call phone sex lines.
“my ex-boyfriend asked me to wear a pushup bra to work today, and it really made me upset. I tricked him into thinking that there were doctors online who do testicle exams! LOL. To get him back for the pushup bra, would you pretend to be a doctor/nurse and IM him on Skype at: “blahblahblah”
Tell him that he can have his exam if he’s ready! I’ll call on Niteflirt right away so it calls him. But, it would be SO funny if you tricked him to do the following for his exam.
1. tell him to undress and find a rubber band. please gently put the rubber band between your testicles so the exam will go smoothly LOL
2. tell him to roll his underwear down and gently put them under your testicles, and lift them back up to your waist, so your privates are gently raised up for the exam.
3. put lotion on them so they’re supple and soft
4. do 10 jumping jacks
5. make him uncomfortable by asking him to get closer to the cam, turn left and right, jump, and gently touch his testicles with a pencap. 
it would be SO funny to have a guy know what it feels like to be all lift and separated all f’ing day!