Greedy Jewish Princess Financial Exploitation By Ass

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Hey midget dicks, I’ve been away finishing up the summer at my beach pad relaxing and rejuvenating before it’s back to paying semi attention to you nerds. Have you seen all the hot new jewel toned sexy heels and Fall clothes out? LOVE EM NEED EM! I love that October is here I love Fall and I know one of you losers is going to want to fuck a pumpkin on web cam for me. I can hear your wallets already clamoring with cash and candy corn wanting to be the lucky loser who gets to be posted here.
Oui Oui 4 way wallet gang banging going on as my girls and I fried the French fucker. We roasted and toasted his wallet and abused the shit out of him. Being that I’m the leader of the gang bang I control all the shots, everyone was adequately paid as we took total advantage of the Parisian puppet. It feels painfully perfect as we financially drain him dry, OUCH! All that Jewish Princess ass up in your face is like totally lethal geeks. My ass cheeks have more power then you can imagine, well look , I mean you’re here right? I know you’re an ass lover I can feel it.
Niteflirt has been a total exploitation festival for me I got a great email the other day from a loser who told me his “German wife hates Jews”. I frothed at that email as I raked that fuck stain over the cash grill for marrying such an ignorant bitch. Anyway, I need a new fall black leather bag and MORE spa gift cards so lets go buy that for me and pull those little peckers out and get moving on that that NOW you Jewish princess porn lusting freaks.