Granny Panties Fetish Loser Is Back

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Phone sex freak of the week is back and more pathetic then ever! I got really excited one of the mose hilarious phone sex losers came back to me with this pathetic email.

Dear Jappy,

So Wonderful to see You online again!  i am hoping You can help me, I am hoping we can do a call and combine 2 of my favorite passions— panties and couch humping!  My mother in law Lois wears big girl granny panties!  Hanes brand nylon and Vanity Fair silky nylon panties they are ginormous!  size 11!  When i slip them on i get really horny and i have discovered that i can slide my clit stick into the seam of my couch—  and hump it! Hoping You would be willing to do a call and haze and humiliate me while i am doing the nasty with her granny panties.


granny panty humper  xox”

You all may remember him from a previous awesome post that you can find here  where I mocked his loser fetish and made fun of his super tiny teenis penis. He came back and we had the best conversation about Lois his big fat ass mother in law with the giant jungle of grey beaver hair that he wants to stuff his minuscule dick into . Sorry did I just make you throw up?