Gluttony A Fat Fetish Journey

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It’s no secret that I’m a glutton for cash, Thats what’s to be expected of any REAL Jewish Princess. I also love food and I love dining at the finest restaurants in the world. Zagats is a J.A.Ps best friend along with yelp and other assorted foodie snob guides. Most Jews grew up with Mothers and Grandmothers that loved to stuff us full of delicious food. When I would have friends over there was always plenty of tasty snacks in our house and our housekeeper trying to bring us platters of something. Naturally we always declined because eww all those gross calories were not going to get into our perfect size 2 bodies.
I got really excited when fat fuck J the hard and heavy pig came my way on Niteflirt  for a good face stuffing and some hard core verbal humiliation. I can’t think of anything hotter then a stunning Jewish Princess to verbally violate and insult you for being a fat useless pig.  He got on the web cam and I couldn’t believe what a fat piece of shit he really was. It took me a moment to adjust my eyes, I thought it was the Octomom all over again. This fat fetish freak looks pregnant with at least a litter of small children. Bitch tits bouncing around this force fed fat fuck can’t stop face cramming! I’m on a mission to make this piece of shit explode his fat gut. I want to stuff him and watch as that belly gets even more distended. I’ve put this fat loser load on a strict 7 to 10,000 calorie binge per day. This fetish has it’s own name Feederism and it’s totally nasty yet, I love it! I can’t wait to watch this fat porkers belly expand and get bigger and bigger like a big fat hot air balloon. I’m looking forward to our cram sessions where he will get on webcam and take down multiple large pizzas and a few litters of coke.  We tried to get a measuring tape around that fat belly but he couldn’t even get his sausage fingers around himself. It’s time for me to go to lunch that is if I can muster up an appetite after writing this and looking at this big round fetish freak.

Are you a fat fuck with a fetish for being stuffed, used and abused? Then call me up at Niteflirt and get crammed calorie buster!

Glutton Pig  Feeder Fetish
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