Fulfilling Your Dreams Of A Jewish Bitch Princess

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Loveboatbilly has been such a good obedient Jewish Princess lover, he just lives to be ordered around by me, he loves to stop at the top of the hour to give me some thought and look at me on his phone and put his nose up in this air and dream of the smell of my stinky perfect Jewish Princess feet. So like seriously American Idol has really shit the bed, thank gawd for tivo since last night I totally skipped through 100 of the 120 min of the show not including the commercial breaks either duh!
Tommy Moronovitch is a MAJOR loser he’s the guy I mentioned before, the loser sissy called today to tell me he’s on a diet after I told him what a fat ass he was when I outed his fag ass on twitter. I think he should be the poster loser boy of humiliation assignments. Lets see if he can complete his missions.
I get a lot of emails that start out with “I used to date a Jewish girl,she was such a bossy bitch and she kinda looked like you”. It’s only the non jews who send me these emails. Discovering me is like that first special kiss with that girl you knew you were totally not good enough for but she hung out with you anyway just to use and laugh about it with her friends. I’m so glad I can make true and live up too all the expectations of being a bitchy Jewish girl.