Forced Intoxication Weekend

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Thanks for all the sweet emails for the holidays that was like totally sweet of you all. I even got some really nice tributes to start the Jewish New Year off right. This weekend was so hysterical Brian the forced intoxication loser could not stay away from me all weekend I had him so fucked up I kept him on the phone for hours and hours. I really didn’t pay much attention to him I was more concerned with racking up the min so I could take every dollar the loser had packed into his Niteflirt account.  I totally love doing forced intox and making some poor weak brained fuck my brainwashed booze bimbo.  I was taking calls from Palm Springs this weekend from my spa slut Alfeyboy. He paid for me and my girlfriend to overnight at the Parker and spend the entire day at the spa of course we didn’t pay a thing.  I had an amazing facial and a 90 min deep tissue massage with the hottest man rubbing me down.  Yum his body was so hot!

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