Forced Intoxication Humiliation Phone Domination

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It’s another babbling idiot submissive loser who wanted to have a fun round of forced intoxication with a little blackmail mixed in. His girlfriend was out of town for the weekend and he was ready to hit the phone sex and the bottle hard. I love the way he starts out holding up his bottle of loser booze and started it chugging it, it took only an hour before the slobbering freak was ripe and ready to be totally humiliated and forced to do humiliating acts of total and pure idiocy. He had his lipstick out and ready to draw all over himself the more he got sloshed, he was slurring so bad at one point I was sitting there for over 30 min of him talking nonsense while I sat and texted my friends and got paid for it.
One of my favorite parts of forced intoxication is getting my underling losers so blasted that I can totally ignore them and let the cash roll in while im busy doing other things. I just start to think about all the things I want and need and thing about how great it is to be me.
Getting you blasted and taking your bucks!