Forced Intoxication Boozin And Losin!

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Who doesn’t like to start the day off with a little life escape, I know my losers do! Especially the ones who have been up all night popping vicodens and drinking beers! A little Forced Intoxication to start your day off? I can’t think of a better thing! Looksy what we have here its a forced intoxication reject! I had about 7 hours of this schmuck Niteflirt caller around 6 of those hours consisted of him begging to meet me and to come over and fuck him up good. You know however when it comes down to me telling him to come meet me at a hotel in Hollywood he was too much of a pussy ass bitch. I love calling out little big talking bitch boys who live with their parents acting as if they could even handle me live. I really have zero interest anyway, I’m way too busy shopping for new leather boots for my upcoming trip out East.
It’s like totally fall so new wardrobe makeover must take place you know how us Jewish Princess bitches we always want more and more! A Jewish girl who does phone sex it’s so hot but it’s even hotter a Jewish Princess who’s getting paid to go off on nerds! Who wants to be my next forced intoxication loser boozer!
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