Fat Hairy Loser Sissy In Panties

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Hey geeks its Feburary already yay for Valentines day. The Jewish Prince always spoils me like crazy because he knows it’s like totally one of my favorite holidays. I’m sure I’ll get a little medium sized bauble from from Tiffany’s that I’ll probably return for something much more expensive. No biggie though, I just point to what I want he stick my ass out and rub it against his cock a couple times and just like that out pops his Amex. This is one of the most humiliating times of the year for a pathetic loser in a loveless relationship or just desperate and single idiot. There’s never been a better time for first time lurkers to give phone sex a try.
A big fat sissy boy with a little shrimp dick came a calling begging me to watch his fat hair ass on cam. I was in the middle of watching Gossip Girl and really didn’t know if I wanted the interruption so, I made the fatty tribute me on Niteflirt and then I hit pause and got ready to terrorize my eyes watching this fat pig prance in ugly lingerie. As you can see the sissy is hiding his big junky gut, seriously if you want to wear some cotton panties like a pussy boy at least get some that fit. Why must all you loser sissy dick lovers put on the most ugly lingerie. If your like stealing this shit from your wives or girlfriends then tell those tacky bitches to get some taste or better yet buy them new lingerie!
panty wearing loserpanty wearing loser 1