Fart Fetish Fantasy

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I love a phone sex caller who’s prepared and know’s what he wants. I often get rejects who call me and expect me to ramble as if i’m doing a monologue. Fuck that shit, come prepared or be able to keep up with me. Let’s face it the majority can’t keep up. I generally won’t read someones script and do it they way they want because bitch’s aren’t paying me enough for that. I mean let’s get real here, You’re not my director, I’m the director and I’m here to direct all funds to my bank account.
So lets take a look at this fart fetish lovers butt sniffing phone call that he wanted to do with me. So many guys want to smell my juicy Jewish ass!

“Back Story:

These 2 girls on your cheer team just gave you a DVD today. Their names are Brenda and Sara aka “The BubbleButt Twins”. They are both in shape and very tan. They are “thick” by normal standards: both have D cup breasts, thick powerful toned legs and of course both have HUGE tight tan bubble butts. Brenda has dyed blond straight hair and Lacy has very soft, curly brunette locks. Both are Valley girlish (so are you) They are 2 of the bitchiest, most materialistic girls at your high school and they told both of you a story today. Sara found some creepy old rich guy on a web chat who is willing to pay her and Lacey very handsomely to take turns ripping farts in his face while he is tied up at his home. Of course they both have their eyes on new Versace bags so they gladly agree to do it. They filmed the whole thing and have since made copies and gave one to every girl on the cheer team to see “the most hilarious thing…….EVER.” The fantasy begins with you girls popping in the dvd at one of your homes. (It is just the two of you.)
Girl #1: So, what am I watching?

Girl# 2: Apparently, Brenda Brand and Sara Dice found this old creepster in a chat room who offered to pay them like $100 per fart to break wind in his face while he was tied up!

Girl #1: HAHAHAHAHA WHAT?!?!??!

(As Girl #2 says this the movie on the TV screen and begins with the old guy tied up (both arms and legs) and Brenda’s huge butt hanging right over his face……..) His head is covered in black panty hose with a small part cut out so his nostrils are sticking out of the pantyhose……

Girl #1: Brenda’s butt is even more GINORMOUS than I imagined! This old butt burglar is in deep shit!!……….LITERALLY!!!!


Girl #2: You said it…….Oh noo…..Brenda is squatting right over his face and Lacey is spreading those huge tan ass cheeks…….Ewwww gross!!!!! Her bunghole is like, totally pressed right up against his nose!!!! HAHAHAHA I can’t watch!!!!!!


Girl #1: O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!! She ripped like a 10 second steamer right up his nose!!!!!!That was by far the longest fart I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!”