Face Cramming Junk Food Junkie

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Just in time for the holidays its a calorie hog human cash dump ready for some face cramming action. I prepared a dinner menu for this sub human garbage can feeder pig. Snowballs, 2 Mc Donald Burgers, moon pies, whip cream, ding dongs, fried chicken, pie, cranberry sauce, gravy. Can you believe this junky money, of course I had to make a video of it and it’s like totally disgusting and pathetic to watch but, I know some of you loyal Jappy fans are wondering “what has she done this time?”. So the password to one food cramming humiliation idiot video is “Loser”. The cram rod started pounding his pig hole with his burger topped with snow ball and whip cream and I caught him using his free hand to play with icky dick. As if that was going to happen while I was watching! I made him take that hand and grab a ding dong and start cramming that in between burger bites. Did you lose your appetite yet? His titties are getting bigger by the day. The pie in the loser eye was a fantastic finish just in time for some Holiday humiliation. Oh wait, did I mention the part about dipping the fried chicken into the pie and eating it? Fucking totally gnarly right? Loser, I’m going to make you so fucking fat!
Of course there will be more to follow of web cam idiots all aching to be a part of my prime time turkey humiliation.
Hanukkah gifts are already piling in, Amazon gift cards up to a few grand, and lots more to follow. You bitches will do anything for this Jewish Princess. Loves ya!