Exposing Your Fantasy

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Another phone sex callers fantasy is exposed.

“Hello again Mistress,
First, I hate to go into my interests as one of the fundamental tenets of my fantasy and desire is to serve a woman the way SHE wants.    I don’t want it to be about me at all; I want it to be about the woman; I want to know what SHE wants; what SHE fantasizes about; what SHE wishes she could see a guy do or make him do; what brings her amusement at her most selfish time, etc…  I just want to be the life-size feeling-less doll or piece of meat that she can use in her most selfish way with no limits.  Curious, I want to know what a woman REALLY wants, when she can be her most selfish and confidential self. Nevertheless, since you don’t really know me either, I will try to venture out in describing my interests.

 Second, as you could probably tell from the preceding paragraph, I am looking for a woman who is totally selfish and literally gets herself off at the expense and humiliation and agony and damage to and of a guy.    I am looking for a woman that enjoys her power over a man; enjoys what she can do to a guy; enjoys what she can make a guy do.  In addition to just the fact she can use me, I love to hear just how horrific a person I am to endure whatever it is at the time the Mistress is choosing to do to me for her own most selfish amusement.

 Third, more specifically, I am open to humiliation, especially public humiliation! (I have lots of ideas for that if you would ever want to hear), forced toilet training, being spat on, snotted on, cummed on, pissed on, shit on, etc… etc… privately or in public somehow.  I am open to bondage, mild spanking, role-play scenarios, forced exhibitionism, accidental public exposures and humiliations, cuckoldry, emasculation, forced stripping, forced bi, prolonged chastity, being molested while I sleep, etc… etc….etc….   Some of this I have done, much I have not done – BUT I am willing, IF it is something you genuinely like to do or would like to.  I am not sure what you are specifically looking for, but I hope this at least helps somewhat answer about me.  If not, please let me know.  I sincerely want to know more about you – regardless of whether I like something or not; I really want to know about the real you and what you honestly and truly like.   I will admit I love public humiliation- shopping, dining out, etc….. with you in person or over the phone where you treat me like shit or a kid and I treat you like the goddess you are.  I have LOTS of ideas for eating out, restaurants, malls, beaches, etc… etc….

Fourth, these desires are nothing new.   I have had these desires since I was a kid, even before I really knew what it all meant.  Even as a kid when I was embarrassed or humiliated and other people laughed or were amused at my expense, as much as I genuinely hated it, it also strangely aroused me as well.  It seem to happen a lot as a kid – junior high, then high school, then college and then adult years.   Even as an adolescent, when I was “pantsted”, or thrown out of the locker room or stripped or had my swim trunks stolen so I had to swim naked or in a jockstrap or when I was caught naked or when I was actually abused and molested by Seniors when I was a Freshman, etc… etc…. I got aroused as much as I genuinely hated what was happening to me.   This happened throughout junior high school and high school. It was the cruel irony.  I truly hated what was happening, but the fact that others were getting off, as it were, or at least amused at the sadistic pleasure they were getting from my misery, it was also inexplicably arousing. The same thing happened in college, but I began learning what it was about and started to realize there was a “scene” out there.  I pursued it.  I even went to a “professional dominatrix” twice before and as hot as that was for a moment, when I realized she was more about the money than actually herself getting off on the power she had over me and when I realized she was less amused at what she did to me or made me do then getting paid, the fantasy left and I stopped going.  I don’t bemoan the financial aspect – I completely get it and support that!!  For me, though, I wanted it to be that she truly got off on this use and humiliation of me and the money was more of a ironic bonus for her; instead it seemed as if she could care less about the scene, didn’t really even enjoy it, but did it ONLY for the money.   The fantasy left, then.  For me it is about knowing that the woman actually gets off at my abuse and humiliation and suffering and use, etc….. 

 I did get married and actually that relationship kinda took a turn at being dominant-submissive but it didn’t work out completely for other reasons.  That was very, very sad.  I try to do right by the kids now, both mine and those not just mine.   So now on the outside, I look perfectly and act normally, but deep inside is this desire to submit for real to this dominant woman person and I can’t really talk about that with anyone – certainly the “guys” would not understand, so I continue to search.  I search for the real woman who would be like this in real life and would want a “significant other” that adored her but that she could abuse as she wanted, including cuckoldry.   Ideally I would find this person for a real relationship.  In the meantime, though, I search for someone who would at least like to use me, even if just on the phone or occasionally, whether personally or professionally.

Fifth, regarding finances, I have to be honest – up until recently, employed as a teacher, I was doing it for the love of teaching and trying to make a difference so I was not bringing home much of anything and what I was bringing home, I spent most of it back in the classroom or for the kids.  Then when the district closed, I was unemployed.  So when you are unemployed after making nothing when employed, you make less than nothing.  So I am in a huge hole.  However, I just relocated to CA and am working partime in healthcare and teaching now, so, hopefully, before too long, I will have an improved paycheck.  However I am one broke ass right now.   I do support three kids as well from my ex-marriage, one of whom is mine; all of whom I make sure to provide for.  I want to be mindful of my condition, even if that limits me, but I also want to not disrespect you and want to do nice things for you as well at some point.
Thank you, Mistress.

What do you think of this one? Does it make you hot?