Exploting Losers In Bars

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Hey dorks, my head is totally pounding today, way too much fun in the sun this weekend. It’s amazing how wherever I go I can always pick out the little bitch boy. My friends and I were down in San Diego this weekend doing the whole Jew crew chick getaway. We ended up at a rooftop bar where the first drunk idiot hits on us. I see him playing with something in his pocket and I tell him to take it out or we are going to walk away. He offered us a round of beer but um, we like don’t even drink beer we like champagne and wine and vodka so ask us again. He was like totally obedient and got right on that.
He comes back and I told him to empty his pockets, he gave me this embarrassed gaze and said, my girlfriend is in my pocket. He puts his hands in his pants and all wrapped up and ready for lovin pops out “Allison” his soft and clear love glove. This total loser had a pocket pussy with him at the bar! He claimed it was a gift for his friends that were over seas. Like are you kidding me with that line of bullshit. Loser, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter, always remember that. Of course I got like totally super excited, here was my opportunity to exploit some dumb drunk idiot and take advantage of him. SCORE!
I took some video but I fucked it up because well, I was kinda buzzed too and like seriously, I’m not some video director what do you expect people do things for me! My girlfriends were useless as well, they just kept looking in the mirror to make sure they looked hot. When we told him we were the Los Angeles Jew crew he said he always wanted to have a 3 some with 2 hot Jewish Princess’s. My girlfriends all made this look like they were ready to puke they were so disgusted at the thought of letting this tool into our holy little designer worlds. I told him he could have a 3 some with my toes and I lifted up my toes still gritty with sand in them. I told the idiot to clean them off and of course like a stupid submissive fool there he was, the joke of the night.
As always the drinks were flowing heavy and my bar total for the night was $0.00 and I got the sand cleaned from my toes. Thats right the night was a total success. One humiliated shmuck and I never paid for a thing.