Douchebag Pictures!! Humiliation Freak

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Like how totally hysterical is this humiliation freak who called and would do anything I said! Doesn’t he look amazing with all the sexy marker on him letting everyone know what a total dork and douche he is. After screwing him out of $200 I had him do a series of entertaining exercises for me and take pictures of it. I cut out the losers face since I was feeling semi nice today. You just never know when I’m going to post you on my blog! I also had the loser in the bathroom with his face in the bowl cleaning it out for me like a good little douchbag would. He proudly of course jumped at the opportunity to do just about anything for me. Do you blame him? I’m like the Queen of getting dorks to do anything for me. I bet some of you jerktards reading this want to do anything I say!


New callers who click and call will get 3 free minutes to spend with me.