Dirty Jewish Princess Feet Lick Them Up Bitch

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Hey geeks whoo whoo it’s been like total geek week around Niteflirt. All sorts of lucky new losers finding a place in pocket. The Jewish Prince and I just did a really hot over nighter in San Diego that cash raped loser Mike in Michigan paid for. We had a bet on who was getting into the Superbowl and being super Jewess that I am I WON. Prize being $400 in Gift card to my favorite hotel in San Diego. I like get so excited on a good cash rape day it really gets me like totally excited.
Another little foot fetish ped lover came looking to suck off my pretty little Princess toes, I offered them up since they were so foul and stinky I swear they were like a super ripe Jarlsberg grody, I know. So, for $150 the foot loving loser got some special pictures of my feet complete with sock lint between my toes. He’s been begging to own my super used Nikes but they are still not marinated with enough Jappiness to sell just yet, I want them going for AT LEAST $300 on the low end. You freaky foot fetish boys love those sweaty socks and shoes don’t you. My Jewish Princess feet smell like designer sweat bitches!
New Niteflirt Sissy loser Courtney well I think his boy name is Chuck but who care’s about that right. Anyway this new little Niteflirt bitch goy boy needed to have his credit cards get spanked by me. A little fuck over to him and his girlfriend that dumb blond shiksa who I wanted to bend over and fuck with my strap on until her account was milked DRY. I totally hate this dumb idiot loser, all I want to do is sit on his super fugly face and suffocate him with my bitchy Princess ass scent. He’s such an idiot he’s addicted to my pink panties he can’t stop jerking off to them. How about I take my stinky cum filled panties and jam them in your girlfriends mouth while I take both of your credit cards and raid Bloomies online. Stupid loser nerd!