Dance Off Pants Off Dorks! MOOBIES

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Rest In Peace sneaker loving Jew boy. Adam Micheal Goldberg gave my friends and I many all nighters in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He rocked those tables with his mash ups and gave us many great memories. He also had one bad ass shoe collection. Goodnight AM. My friends and I are going to the memorial at the Palladium tomorrow night and plan to dance the night away.

On the dipshit dork radar its like totally hot and nasty in Los Angeles, the air is thick with smokey stench and my ass is sitting in the air conditioning fucking guys over with my Jewish Princess ways.
Fat boy john called up and I made him play with his giant fat boy girl titties! You should see the size of these moobies. I had him pressing them together and being a total little fat girl for me. He would wiggle and jiggle and make that big gut quiver all so my girlfriends and I could laugh in his big fat girl face!
I had him find a tube of lipstick in his big fat girl cleavage and put it on, what a fucking total mess! Pucker up fattie lets get you that 42D bra and strap those bitch tit moobie suckers in.