Cuckold Humiliation

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You would never guess the amount of men that call me that think, know or want their wives or girlfriends to be fucking another Man. They want to be a cuckold and they know its humiliating but that turns them on and makes their generally less then average sized cocks really hard. Here we are with a new guy who just wants me to validate what a total inadequate loser he really is. I know once he calls he’s going to be spanking his little monkey the whole time when I really let him know what I think of his sad situation. Are you like this guy? Can you relate to this cuckold story?

“Hello, I saw your website and follow you on Twitter and would like to talk to you. I am Adam, 45, married white male. Almost a year ago my wife admitted that she has been having sex with other men. She told me she still loves me and doesn’t want our marriage to end, but she has sexual needs that I am unable to fulfill, so she has been seeing other men who are better able to satisfy her needs. I have a very small penis (less than 4″ erect), and for the past few years I have had difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

I love my wife and didn’t want to lose her, so I just accepted that she is having sex with other men. She goes out often, sometimes stays out all night. I stay home alone and just wonder who she is with, what is she doing, etc. She never tells me about her sexual encounters, and i don’t ask. When she is home I just pretend my wife and marriage are perfectly normal.

But, I am deeply humiliated by this. I feel so inadequate and inferior that not only can I not satisfy my wife sexually, but I cannot even get hard enough to have sex with her. When she is out, I imagine her with another man, I imagine how big his cock is, how easily he gets hard for her, how he fucks her over and over again, and gives her lots of orgasms. This usually leads to me lying in bed and crying myself to sleep.

I would like to talk to you about my situation, and about the humiliation I feel. I would like you to validate my humiliation, help me understand that I should feel humiliation, I deserve to be humiliated. Help me accept that I am inadequate and inferior, and that she deserves to have sex with sexually superior men who can give her what I cannot.
Is this OK? Thanks!”