Cuckold Blackmail Fantasy

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Loser fetish mail time! I just got back from yet another local staycation out in Ojai and had an amazing suite. While I was there I got this moron mail another idiot for me to exploit. An all but familiar type of email the ones where the loser starts to give you direction on the things you will do for him and of course you won’t get paid for doing these tasks they have set up for you, just the promise of some imaginary bonus for the assignments they have given you. Hey fetish addicts, know your Femdom isn’t going to do your fantasy tasks for free. Why would we? You’re “100% serious” yet you’re never serious enough to pick up the phone and pay to talk about it. You’re a total loser thanks for the email to exploit more of the men who call phone sex lines. In your case are too cheap to call phone sex lines.

“Dear Mistress Melissa,

I’ve had a cuckold blackmail fantasy for a long time and I want to beg you to help me realize it. My girlfriend and I have lived together for over 4 years. We’re both in our late twenties and she is very sexy. I’ve always fantasized about becoming a cuckold and her cheating on me. However, I’m too much of a pussy to ever tell her about this fantasy or try to make it happen. So, I want to beg you to blackmail me and accumulate humiliating information about myself and contact information and pics of my gf. With this information, I’d like you to start posting ads online to get guys to flirt with and try to hook up with my gf without her direct knowledge of the ads. I’d be willing for you to take a fee for each ad, a bonus for each guy you send her way, and a hefty bonus if she ever hooks up with one of them. I’m 100% serious but realize this is out of the ordinary. I beg you to consider my request.