Crushing Benjamins With My Toes

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Hey geeks, been missing my rants I know but I’ve been busy as usual, shopping, being fabulous and tweeting up a storm. If you don’t already follow my Twitter I suggest you do and it’s a perfect way for you Jewish Princess addicts to keep up which I know most of you can’t do. What’s with all the foot fetish freaks coming my way on Niteflirt. Was there an ad posted for foot slaves to come serve a hot Jewish Girl out there? I crushed the cash right out of some loser named Adolfo’s wallet. He knew of course I have an amazing designer heel collection and paid me $350 for an hour of foot cam. Yes the foot fetish worshiper paid around $5.00 a minute just to see my pretty pedicure prance in my heels on cam. I changed heels 3 times and at that point was bored with the whole thing so he had to give me another $100 for some inspiration. Don’t you dorks know yet that money motivates me.
Sissy boy Alan wanted a full on Jewish Princess make over so we got to work and got him a long dark wig, he went out and got a XL Juicy Couture track suit that still didn’t fit his fat ass and some really cute converse low tops that were all sequined. Sissy loser Alan was all dressed up and ready to hit the mall but first I made him go get manicure and pedicure while I sat on the phone and made sure he was doing as instructed. His Jewish Princess sissy assignment was well under way. I could hear girls laughing in the background of the nail salon and I know they were laughing at the pathetic little sissy Alan. Thanks to Facetime I was able to observe and make sure the sissy assignment was going on but had no way to take a screen shot of the facetime on my iphone or I would have posted the tacky sissy. Foot slave DJ sent me some really sexy flats, hanks loser but they didn’t fit so just go and get me something else to make up for your dumb mistake of the shoes not fitting, that’s right its YOUR fault so fix it. Can’t get enough of me then go to my Niteflirt Recorded Listings 24 hours a day of my hot Jewish voice.

Jewish Princess Feet