Confessions From Goy Boys & Royal Jewish Ass

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Happy new year assorted fellow Jewish followers! It’s starting to smell like fall outside which to me means holidays are creeping up and of course that leads to tons of gifts and tributes and Amazon gift cards. Over the sea and far away my gift cards have been growing and growing as I’ve found a gem of a loser who’s been receiving the wrath of a greedy Jewish Princess and I got a few of my friends involved in using him as well. We’ve beaten him down for a few thousand, taking him on and blow by blow , $100 at a time until we broke that piggy bank down and smashed his snort face.
Sunday confessions brought in a gem of a loser. While most real men in America are jerking off to the first day of Sunday football I get this loser. I hear this pitiful sissy voice sounding slightly shaky and I think it’s going to be just your boring typical sissy boy Niteflirt call. Instead I get “Princess Melissa, I’m a Catholic goy boy who’s girlfriend just left me for a Jewish guy, I also have crush’s on Jewish girls and I want to sniff their butt’s”. He said he had just left church and that was his confession. I bet that got the pervert priest super hard and gave him something to jerk off too later that day. I had him buy pictures of my ass so he could frame them and call my ass his girlfriend. Smelling royal Jewish Princess ass makes all the boys weak.
ass kiss this