Comedy Mail From The Ignorant Shmuck Mailbag

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I love waking up to a a good laugh but this was such a great email I had to share.
Here is the love note from the adoring shmuck who has some serious anger issues with Jewish Women.
“OK … here’s how I know you are NOT a Jap. LOL
1) JAPS don’t wear braces, and if they have to, they don’t wear the old metal kind like the chick in the picture.
2) JAPS don’t move from Manhattan to “the Valley”. The valley is full of WASPS, and can’t hold a candle to NYC. A true JAP would not be caught dead in the Valley, so your mother moving there is unlikely. Manhattan is the center of the WORLD … no self respecting JAP would ever leave it.
3) You fingernails are WAY too short for a JAP… hell, they aren’t even attractive, and all JAPS have hot nails. You don’t … at least not yet. They look like little baby nails. My cock would look really big in your hands. Oh wait… jewish girls dont ever really TOUCH cock, do they?
Yo goy boy Roy,
I haven’t had braces since 4th grade but nice try on that, As far as “The Valley” being full of WASPS, your ignorance really shines through on that comment but nice try. If Manhattan is the center of the world I think you should expand your travels and learn a little something about other places your ignorance in travel is really showing with that statement.
My fingernails are too short? Wake up dumb fuck this isn’t New Jersey circa 1994 with long tacky nails. Oh yeah and we DO touch cock. Just not yours.
Thanks for the fun email!!!