Catholic And Wondering Mail From The Loser Letters

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Loser mail always a pleasure, but when I get ignorant loser mail that’s written with worse punctuation then mine then you know it’s bad. Here we have this fantastic loser note I received.
Joe Snodgrass – Catholic Ignorant And Wondering
” I”m catholic and normally i would say Jews are against kink and leg or foot love but i was on this profile and see you do everything. be honest and nice for just a minute this could change my opinion completely .. are Jewish people down with that stuff or are they against kinky foot or leg fun.. let me know i just might have a new respect for “Jewish people”.

Well Snodgrass, is that really the name you chose to use or were you born with that uptight last name? First, lets start with you would “normally say” Jews are against kink. Can you be more ignorant with that statement? What do you know that makes you ever so knowing that you would normally say that? I’m so happy to read you may have a new respect for “Jewish people” that are kinky that are “down with it”.
Watch out Snodgrass we kinky Jews are everywhere. Oh by the way, as far as me being nice for just a minute. When you have respect for my people you can then pay me to be nice to you. Like duh, I’m Not A Nice Jewish Girl!
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