Phone Sex Fantasies Exposed

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This week in phone sex antics is the occasional idiot who asks me some really great questions like “Princess Melissa, do you have sex through a sheet?” Hey genius, how about you get your Jews straight we come in different varieties you ignorant loser.
This came to me earlier in the week and I never did the call because I was way too bored with the lame setup and I have no desire to call other phone sex Woman and have them pretend they are local girls who can’t go with the flow as much as I can. Yeah really, Im THAT good.
Go ahead, have a laugh at my callers phone sex fantasy, don’t worry Kevin your reputation is already out there that you’re a closet porn addicted loser.

“Hi there Miss Melissa! How would you like to do a call where we make a 3-way call to women I know and you introduce yourself and explain that you have me on the phone with you. Make me confess the most embarrassing and humiliating things you can think of to them….like I made a hole in a couch cushion and you walked in while I was fucking the couch with all these pictures of girls I know spread out on the floor in front of me. Even more embarrassing than that if you can come up with something. Just totally make the most embarrassing shit up then make me confess it to them. Try to create a banter with them by asking them questions like if they are surprised by what they’ve learned today? Or, Did you suspect that he was a closet faggot? LOL! Please help me ruin my reputation with the ladies where I live. I know I am an idiot, Kevin in Chicago”

Jewish Princess Phone Sex Domination

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February has been such a month of love and loving ME on Niteflirt I can’t believe the month is almost over. While most girls were creaming their panties about getting a box of chocolates my Jappy Prince bought me a 1.5 million dollar box called a new little house. Yes my Jewish Prince is the best take a lesson losers thats how to man up if you want a hot Jewish Princess.
I had new, interesting and hysterical phone sex call on Niteflirt, Kitty boy as I called him meowed his way right into my bitchy heart. I humiliated him until he made a gross squirty and then he started purring. I do love a good role-play
“Princess Melissa would you be into this roleplay call?
We meet at a bar where you are dressed to kill in your tight latex catsuit. I notice you right away. You instantly notice me as well and command me with your eyes to come over.
You whisper in my ear that if I want to spend time with you, you will make me your humiliated bitch. You ask me do I understand and accept those terms? I say yes. You sternly tell me to address you as Mistress.
You walk away and motion me to follow where we exit the bar and get into your car.
You blindfold me and drive me to your place of play where our call begins.
Surprise me with all the straight kinky things that you can dream up. I want you to take complete control and lead me through the ways of being dominated by you as if i’m really there.
Make it extra humiliating and don’t allow me to speak unless specifically told to. Otherwise I am to Meow when you pick up the phone and Meow for all replies unless you direct me otherwise.
If this call interests you let me know. ”

Silent Phone Sex Loser Email

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I received this really fucking annoying email. In fact probably a zillion other people phone chics probably did too. Read it first before I go off..

“Hi I’d like to call you but I’m working from home, with my wife not too far away, so I’d like you to do most of the talking. Could you humiliate me with the things listed below as soon as the call connects, and keep going in a rapid-fire way? I find that’s what really gets me off.
Here’s what I’d like you to do:
Please humiliate me about having erectile dysfunction. Call me impotent, tell me I couldn’t even fuck you if I were there with you, humiliate me about having to jerk off my small limp penis.
Tease me about being so horny and frustrated all the time, not having much sex with my wife, and with having to pay for phone sex and prostitutes.
Tease me about wanting to fuck you. “You want to fuck my sweet young pussy, don’t you Mark? You look at my pictures and get so frustrated that you never will. Poor baby. Poor, horny, limp-dicked baby!”
Humiliate me about how pathetic and embarassed I feel about having these perversions, about needing this to get off.
Tel me how sick it is that I call young women to humiliate and emasculate me.
Words and phrases that excite me: impotent, penis, pussy, fuck, penetrate, weak, pathetic, chronic masturbation, soft little penis, sick fuck, limp penis, perversion.
Make it personal, call me Mark, tell me what a sick and perverted old fuck I am (I’m 53).
Things that don’t work for me: guided masturbation, cuckolding, being told to do humiliating things, sucking dick.
Please reply so I know when I can call you.”

Is anyone stupid enough to fall for this shit where this loser is probably 99% recording the phone call and getting himself custom jerk off material where he doesn’t talk in it.
I love all his attention to detail with his pathetic script on what to say. Sorry shit stain, custom anything costs a whole lost more and I really feel bad for any girls that fall for this sad losers bullshit get off game. You’re not a director or a producer so go back to jerking off in your room close to your pretend Wife. Go fuck yourself.

Weird Fetishes And Kinks

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In another edition of weird fetishes and kinks we have this stranger caller of mine. He has a Hairdresser fetish and yeah he’s totally weird but I’ve done this call with him a few times and its as hysterical as his message to me. Time to break out the leopard print cape and the flattening iron. Someones gonna get their DO on.

“Hi Princess Melissa i messaged you ages ago. havent seen you on in awhile. i believe i tried connecting you and no luck. anyway im the guy with the hairdresser fetish. i have a hair fetish. i love the hair industry and the salon and hairdressers. i luv the smells sights sounds and just the atmosphere if the salon. im a hairdresser myself, . i love tools and things used in the salon. the chair the material of it and how seeing a womans beautiful leg pump it up and down. the gloves and apron. and most of all i luv the hairdressing cape. the vinyl pvc shampoo cape to be exact. the feel of it. i luv seeing it on a woman but i luv the way it feels on me. anyways i was hoping you would be into playing as my kinky hairdresser and me your client. when i masturbate i wear a cape and rubber gloves. i cum in the cape. its such an experience and id like you to help. just for an idea of what im thinking. im hoping to do a role play where i come in like any guy for a hair trim but you see me get turned on by you and start masturbating using the cape so you decide to punish me by turning me into your little sissy salon cape slut. you doll me up with a nice perm and updo and tell me to use my cape to humiliate myself in front of you and the gals. and also coaxing me and helping me along outside the roleplay with the cape humiliation. im reallywearing a cape and ill be using it. the realness of your interaction with the cape is a huge turn on. so maybe we roleplay til i ask to cum and then you talk me along with my cape. sound fun?”

Questioning My Sexuality Am I Gay?

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L’shana Tova! pronounced (Le’ Shaanaaa ToeVah) A little Judaism 101 – my people just celebrated Rosh Hashana. Click the link and learn all about it and educate yourself if you’re not already aware.
Lets start the Jewish New Year off with something out of my mailbox. I get daily calls from Men questioning their sexuality. Most of them are Married or are in relationships and they know it doesn’t feel right.

” Princess Melissa,
Two nights ago I found myself at an adult bookstore – browsing the new release dvd section. This particular store still has the video booths that you can watch in. I had been in there a time or two (maybe more) bet never into the booths. For some reason, I needed to have a release so I got some change and headed back. I was enjoying the movie I had selected when I heard a tap on the side of the wall from the booth next to me. That is when I looked over and saw the hole in the wall – and a cock sliding through. I was somewhat in a daze as I watched this hard cock slide through right at eye level. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I started to get up to leave, as I did, my own hand betrayed me and it reached out to touch it. I wrapped my fingers around him and slowly started to stoke him. I heard him moan, and I lost control, my stroking got faster, my mouth got closer, before I knew what I was doing his cock was in my mouth. He kept saying, yes so good, yes please don’t stop, here it cums – as he shot cum right into my mouth. Dumbstruck I swallowed and kept stroking until he started pulling his cock back through the hole. I heard him say thanks as the door opened and he left. I sat there and for the first time got a clear mind and realized my own cock was rock hard. I had enjoyed that, there was no way to deny it. The movie I had on had run out of time, but still I sat, stroking my cock, when I heard the door open and shut again. I sat quiet, scared? hoping? not sure – I think you know what happened again.
Am I gay? How do I tell my wife about this? Why can’t I stop thinking about going back? Why do I want to suck more than two next time? Can you help me?”

Now, I don’t really think my friend is totally gay at least right now I think he’s just gay for cock. It’s all a matter of time before he’s going on dates and changing his name to Mary. Why she he bother telling his wife? She probably hasn’t paid attention to him in years and has her own thing going on. He may eventually want a divorce when his new boyfriend moves him in and makes him his very own cock sucking house bitch. Always here to help the sexually needy.

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