Sissy Phone Sex Boi

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It’s the first weeks of the year and look what stumbled into my life. It’s a very merry frilly pathetic sissy @BinkyFag boi. My New Year fairy has been calling me up every other day with his sexy high heels on. He loves to be going click click click as he sashays across the floor with his pretty Mary Jane heels on with frilly socks and nude thigh high stockings. Can you like even believe this loser! He’s so totally presh! I kinda think he looks like an adult reject from Toddlers and Tieras or maybe a younger Andy Dick in drag. I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of the cock binky when its kinda wasting space for a real cock to be in that sissy mouth of his. I wonder if that binky has gone in his sissy tush? Only a grody sissy would put that cock binky in his butt and then in his mouth so I wouldn’t exactly be surprised. He totally wants to be a Jewish Princess when he grows up but I’m thinking thats kinda not gonna happen.
“@JappyPrincess May I get on Skype and prance around for you Princess?!? #SoGay”


Australian Pay Slut Platinum Pig

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I love coming back from a luxury vacation and being spoiled by a Jewish Princess obsessed pay slut. One Aussie pay slut who couldn’t deal without me for 2 weeks went on a big phone sex cash spending binge. It was like the second I flipped my Niteflirt phone domination lines on and was ready to start accepting cash via the phone the Jewish Princess slaves were lining up but, this little financial domination piggy had to get up first in line. He was ready to replenish anything I had spend while I was traveling. I should only be saving money watching my bank account grow and grow as I spend your money. I play while you guys pay its just the perfect understanding we have don’t we.
I do love a good humiliation junkie, this loser is actually pretty cute too but I thought I would spare him the humiliation of showing his face for tributing such a substantial amount of cash to my American Express platinum card bill. He was like basically in tears that I wouldn’t talk while I was in Europe for more the a few minutes not giving him the attention he was so desperate for.
I was charging $50.00 per minute on Niteflirt while I was traveling because like if I’m going to be bothered while I’m luxuriating then it better be worth it. So it was worth my time only 5 minutes and dinner was paid for that night. Loves it, later freaks! You wanna go wanky while I laugh at you? Then duh, call me!

Creepiest Phone Sex Caller Ever

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In another edition of What A Total Phone Sex Freak we have a new low in what has appeared on web cam. First of course i’m going to post his pathetic email showing everyone how much of a loser freak we are clearly dealing with. I have to say to my surprise usually the guys who go on cam are normal looking but, this creep looks like Rumpelstiltskin or an extra from Cheech and Chong as old men. Can you believe the sick ass bush on this cave man freak! If I saw this guy walking around my neighborhood I would wonder what bridge he lived under. I have to admit he was just way too disgusting for me to deal with so I had to terminate the call. No amount of money could get me to sit and deal with this ram rod shoving his dick in a fruit or inserting a delicious carrot up his nasty ass pussy. I could only imagine what he looked like from the waist down but, there was no way my eyes or mind could handle that. Back to berating bitch boys, manicures and a 2 hour massage today that some goy toy in St Petersburg, Florida paid for. Best part about that is he tells me he’s a Pastor. More on that development if he becomes interesting,

“Hi gorgeous,

Do you do Skype? I would love to do a session with you. Let me explain the kind of kink I’m into and, if it sounds like something you could do, let me know. I am not really into “domination,” but I am into “humiliation.” I’d like to find a woman who will either video or photograph me while I do degrading things, like fuck a grapefruit, or ram a carrot up my butt, or hit myself hard in the nuts, finger paint my cock … that kind of thing. I show my face and give my real name, and have posted this kind of video on XTube — anything to sexually degrade myself in public. Anyway, the key is the pictures/videos. I’ve set up sessions before only to find out the girl couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take pictures. If you want to do this, I’d love to set up a session, mostly because you look hot and, unlike most girls on here, also look smart.”

Men In Adult Diapers With A Diaper Fetish

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What do we have here, it’s another fine phone sex addict exhibitionist who likes to humiliate himself on web cam for all to see. This freaky mutant of a male is a sissy loser who like’s to sport a tres chic diaper with the word sissy on it. If it wasn’t already pathetic and humiliating enough that he’s wearing a diaper now its got sissy written on it. Watch out ladies these are the things that can happen when your at work and your boyfriend is home before you. It’s hard to imagine there is actually a woman living in this losers place who calls him her boyfriend. All he wants to do is be dressed in drag with a zillion cocks being jerk’d off on top of him. Gross I know right! But the best part is I’m getting paid by the minute to use and fuck over this pasty bitch.
I didn’t even get to the super grody part, this diaper fetish creep stuffs the diaper full of warm oatmeal while he’s doing his phone sex session. Sometimes even I can’t believe this this freaky shit.
Happy #420 green lovers It’s 4/20 so smoke it up stoners!

Cash Pigs Pay Off My Platinum Card

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Welcome back Jappy! Yeah, I know I havent been keeping up with my rantings but ya know, Febuary the month of extra love was the month of Jappy Euro – Middle East tour 2012. I was busy 5 star First Class globe hopping. From London to Paris I stayed in the most decadent hotels that only a Palace rating would suffice in Paris. Nothing less for a dominating Jewish Princess like me of course. I ended up extending my stay in Paris because one of my European cash sluts couldn’t bear the thought of me not getting an entire week in Paris. He’s a real authentic online financial domination expert pay pig slut. He can meet my greedy expectations and undersands when I whine that I want more that I’m going to get MORE. He extended our Palace stay at Le Meurice and loaded me up with 3 grand to shop with for the next 3 days. That was enough to cover dinner, fabulous wine and some beautiful art thats being shipped. That’s right, my life IS better then yours AND you pay for it! You pay for it AND you LOVE it!
Isn’t it nice knowing you and your loser family get as far as Florida or Mexico for a big trip and then here I am going First Class and you back in coach and you paying for MY upgraded life. You jerk off’s love me don’t you! So, here I am back on Niteflirt and Myphonesite taking calls.  Back to listing to your perverted thoughts and dreams while I mock you and laugh at you about them.  I love how so many of you phone sex callers couldn’t wait to get me back to humiliating you and insulting you! First up was this fat fucking loser jelly rolls boy. He couldn’t wait to get on webcam and pay me to make him pull on his fat rolls and then draw and circle every flaw on his body. As you might imagine we had him totally drawn he because he’s such a repulsive loser full of defects! I worked this pay pig over for a few hundred, not a bad way to kick off my homecoming. Lets work on making it even better I have more luxury vacations to book that you need to pay for. After all I am the chosen one!

Jelly Rolls

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