Sissy Phone Sex Humiliation

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Superfreaks! I’m so bummed my favorite girl crushes on tv Broad City had its season finale last night. If you’re not dialed in to who the broads are then I suggest you get on that now. You want to be on my good side don’t you? You know i’m a tastemaker and whatever I say is the IT show to watch you watch!
In this weeks edition of what kind of Men call phone sex sites we have a great fetish freak Aaron looking for my help.

Hi amazing Jewish Princess Melissa, first of all I’m a major fan of yours! I’m a fetishistic transvestite and obsessive compulsive masturbator. I love women and feel very sexual around them but I’m often scared to fuck for a variety of reasons. This manifests in eroticized humiliation fantasies where I’m called “faggot” while dressed up in organza blouses, leather skirts and jackets, teetering on skyscraper stilettos and crowned with ridiculously huge bouffant hairdos. Painted & plugged I hump my hand twisted with desire. After I cum, the spell is broken, the erotic veneer stripped away, I stand defiled and debased, self-loathing takes over as I hurriedly clean up the crimescene and desperately try to pretend this never happened. The cycle repeats itself for a lifetime. Can you help me?

Of course I helped this tricked out tranny with a full on glam session. We were on the call for nearly 2 hours as I slowly feminized this male slut. Just like he wrote, the second his small cock blasted a load into his purple sheer panties he went into a depressed mode. He was looking at himself in the mirror with me on speaker phone, make up smeared like a tranny courtney Love. The shame was setting in and all I could do is laugh and tell him to go clean up his sissy puddle. He wanted to hang up and pretend it never happened but him and I both know the truth. Tranny boys like him are in this addiction for life.

Phone Sex Fantasies Exposed

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This week in phone sex antics is the occasional idiot who asks me some really great questions like “Princess Melissa, do you have sex through a sheet?” Hey genius, how about you get your Jews straight we come in different varieties you ignorant loser.
This came to me earlier in the week and I never did the call because I was way too bored with the lame setup and I have no desire to call other phone sex Woman and have them pretend they are local girls who can’t go with the flow as much as I can. Yeah really, Im THAT good.
Go ahead, have a laugh at my callers phone sex fantasy, don’t worry Kevin your reputation is already out there that you’re a closet porn addicted loser.

“Hi there Miss Melissa! How would you like to do a call where we make a 3-way call to women I know and you introduce yourself and explain that you have me on the phone with you. Make me confess the most embarrassing and humiliating things you can think of to them….like I made a hole in a couch cushion and you walked in while I was fucking the couch with all these pictures of girls I know spread out on the floor in front of me. Even more embarrassing than that if you can come up with something. Just totally make the most embarrassing shit up then make me confess it to them. Try to create a banter with them by asking them questions like if they are surprised by what they’ve learned today? Or, Did you suspect that he was a closet faggot? LOL! Please help me ruin my reputation with the ladies where I live. I know I am an idiot, Kevin in Chicago”

The Ear Fetish Guy

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Phone sex requests are always amusing but when the gems come along I get so excited. This one is a ear fetish guy. Yeah I know, the ear fetish thats a new one for me too. I know I have adorable ears, they fit on my face and don’t stick out, my lobes are cute and they look even cuter with my diamond studs in them.

” Princess Melissa can you add to your list to make the next great ear fetish video: Where are you pry your ears and stretch ( the upper) part of your ears so that they become red hot and really soft. My ear fetish can be intense and and I’ve been looking at photos of you all day long magnifying your ears. I know i’m not good enough to get close enough to a Princess like you and I would live for a this video to help me with my ear fetish.
Your ears are sexy in every way. I love the gold hoop earrings in your ear, the circles leading to your earlobes are starting to hypnotize me my Jewish Princess. Be sure to show the video camera to your ears to the front and from behind and from all angles 🙂 I will only stroke and honor your ears forever.”

What a total loser, I figure fuck it, he wants it that bad I’ll do it for $1,000 theres no he’s not going to pay for every gross loser orgasm he has looking at me.

Silent Phone Sex Loser Email

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I received this really fucking annoying email. In fact probably a zillion other people phone chics probably did too. Read it first before I go off..

“Hi I’d like to call you but I’m working from home, with my wife not too far away, so I’d like you to do most of the talking. Could you humiliate me with the things listed below as soon as the call connects, and keep going in a rapid-fire way? I find that’s what really gets me off.
Here’s what I’d like you to do:
Please humiliate me about having erectile dysfunction. Call me impotent, tell me I couldn’t even fuck you if I were there with you, humiliate me about having to jerk off my small limp penis.
Tease me about being so horny and frustrated all the time, not having much sex with my wife, and with having to pay for phone sex and prostitutes.
Tease me about wanting to fuck you. “You want to fuck my sweet young pussy, don’t you Mark? You look at my pictures and get so frustrated that you never will. Poor baby. Poor, horny, limp-dicked baby!”
Humiliate me about how pathetic and embarassed I feel about having these perversions, about needing this to get off.
Tel me how sick it is that I call young women to humiliate and emasculate me.
Words and phrases that excite me: impotent, penis, pussy, fuck, penetrate, weak, pathetic, chronic masturbation, soft little penis, sick fuck, limp penis, perversion.
Make it personal, call me Mark, tell me what a sick and perverted old fuck I am (I’m 53).
Things that don’t work for me: guided masturbation, cuckolding, being told to do humiliating things, sucking dick.
Please reply so I know when I can call you.”

Is anyone stupid enough to fall for this shit where this loser is probably 99% recording the phone call and getting himself custom jerk off material where he doesn’t talk in it.
I love all his attention to detail with his pathetic script on what to say. Sorry shit stain, custom anything costs a whole lost more and I really feel bad for any girls that fall for this sad losers bullshit get off game. You’re not a director or a producer so go back to jerking off in your room close to your pretend Wife. Go fuck yourself.

When Guys Pretend They Are Women Online

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More loser phone sex fan mail came to me today but this one is written from a “wife” because we all know that if someones wife saw this the first thing they would do is send me an email like the following. What a total loser, I told “her” to call me but of course “she” was too scared she might get turned on by hearing my voice. Guys if you’re going to pretend you’re a Woman on the internet you really need to learn how Woman speak.
“Hello. The shared network of my laptop was left on connecting me to my husband’s computer and I saw some messages to you? Jappy Princess Melissa? Gorgeous! umm, my dorm dream in my college daze:) maybe his sweet nightmare? lol I’m a psych RN and have him set up in weekly therapy with a man but he is only getting worse. Chronic, chronic masturbator! I may try catheterization tehniques and or sodium derivatives to take down his testerone level. Maybe. Like your listing…Very interesting notions and I’m intrigued by your …wow! I just deal with the extreme messed up and not so psycho-sexually minded. Some yes. Nymphomania and Feminism I wrote my final paper on. Have you two been cheating on me or sessioning for long? Where are you? Just may decide on the severity of punishment! I mean this doesn’t look all…some subtle arrangement? Maybe meeting and talking when I am not home it seems. Well it is not as if I haven’t suspected something but I find the queerest stuff on his unit, like real queer cock worshipping hypnosis MP3s and videos and a list of stock craig’s list ads to couples? Not to mention some toys here I’ve never even seen before,”Ram-Me” ridged bat, huh? Jeez. Assmuppet? Prostate IS quite the gateway and maybe he needs to be only gay. Is that what you are setting him up for? omg. He has too much extra time having lost his job due to “indescretions.” I am far too busy to be concerned about you and him directly unless you are doing him on the sly (I get it cause u are a hottie clearly and must be very intelligent too…He on the other hand is just lost in something again, but I’m glad to know the secrets and I really don’t care unless it’s a way to use him up. Maybe. THAT I WOULD ADORE! I have better things to do. Not sure now what sort of marriage it is. Am married to my work and without children– in New Hampshire and am rarely on-line outside of the unit, yet maybe I should check here for you on occasion? You sound like a very interesting young woman with some fascinating ideas with which I bet you will go far. I’ve just never heard of such a thing. I am no prude by any means, and can share more later, but I DO in fact shower thoroughly when I get home, including my clothes, as I pursue my own interests in a kind of staff circle, taking turns. He tries to grope me when I come in the door like some starved pup. I am petite and although Kirk has The Gift I’m sure he has “shared” with you, it has proven too painful for me and I discourage his nightly advances for quite some time now. I attach of photo of me as I know he has shared his wealth with you. Perhaps somehow u can enlighten me futher. I will not discuss this with him directly under any circumstances. I have the ability to change and change back his passwords on NiteFlirt from work or any location. He needs to be controlled, and I apolgize for the length of this letter and will not bother you as I know you must be sweetly busy, wink:) wink). I’ll remain ON for your reply. Thank you. Warmest regards, –Katherine”

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