Pregnancy Fetish Phone Sex

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Pregnant Fetish

This was a really creepy phone sex call, I found myself totally grossed out during and after this one. So, this guy called my femdom phone line and I had him hypnotized for over an hour  talking about the millions of black babies his wife was about to produce.  Are you already intrigued and wondering where this is going to go? I’m sure you are so go ahead and read the introduction he sent me.

“Princess you are a hypno therapist who is evil. my wife and I came to you (separately; she, then me) because we have been trying to have a baby but have been unsuccessful so far.

after you hypnotize me, you show me that:
my wife was already under hypnosis before I came into your office. you have laid her out on a hospital bed, she is nude except for black stockings & black patent heels. there is a filthy/beat-up bucket hanging above her bed, with a clear tube coming out the bottom, and you have inserted the other end of the tube into her womb. inside the bucket is the cum loads from hundreds of different black men. there is a valve that you can open and close to start and stop the flow of their cum into her womb. right now the valve is closed; nothing has happened… yet.

through your hypnosis you are going to rewrite my mind so that the sight of this now turns me on, and you will program me so that every time I see cum flowing through the tube, I will get more and more aroused… and I will want to see more and more cum flowing each time you open the valve.

you will reprogram me so that I want her to get pregnant with a black baby, where we won’t know the father. you program me to hope for twins/triplets or even more. you program me to take care of the babies while she cuckolds me with black thugs. you program me to have no problems with the humiliation from raising kids which are obviously not mine.

first you can ask me if you should open & close the valve to let a single load into her…
then after that, ask me if you should fill her with two loads at once, and so on and so on,
building up to a gallon at once, then finally ask if you should release the bucket’s remaining contents all at once…”

You’re either really grossed out or really turned on by reading that, I’m sure most of you freaks are getting all hot and bothered and want the same thing. By the time the call was over his slut whore big black cock craving slut of a wife had given birth to about 40 hood rats and thugs. I turned him into the worlds most busy Mr. Mom while his wife was an endless cum dump baby making machine.

Spoiled Jewish Princess Goes To Europe. Again

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I’m back Jewish Princess Lovers! 2 and 1/2 weeks split up between France and Amsterdam. My whole trip was first class all the way. I stayed in one 5 star hotel in Amsterdam and had an amazing suite there with a huge balcony on the Amstel. Room service daily and really good pot chilling on the balcony and going to museums was incredible. I know you all want to know if I went to some sex shows in the Red Light District and the answer is EWWW GROSS NO! Like seriously, I see enough nasty cock and vagina online I don’t need to be in the same room with 100 Asians fresh off a tour bus and the smell of grody sex permeating the stuffy like theatre that probably hasn’t had a good cleaning in 30+ years. I do always love looking at the hookers in the windows although I always end up just wanting to save one and get them back home to their country they were stolen from. Loved it!
France was decadent as always, I stayed in 2 Palace rated hotels because in Paris 5 star isn’t good enough. It was a full on Jewish Princess trip filled with pure luxury. If you follow me on Twitter you would have followed my adventures in Luxe travel while I was there by watching where I was posting from. Decadent wines, champagnes, hotels, shopping and dining every single day. Best part is, you dorks who are obsessed with me paid for it! I’m not a nice Jewish girl it’s just my awesome life and I’m totally entitled to it and you love it!

Men In Adult Diapers With A Diaper Fetish

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What do we have here, it’s another fine phone sex addict exhibitionist who likes to humiliate himself on web cam for all to see. This freaky mutant of a male is a sissy loser who like’s to sport a tres chic diaper with the word sissy on it. If it wasn’t already pathetic and humiliating enough that he’s wearing a diaper now its got sissy written on it. Watch out ladies these are the things that can happen when your at work and your boyfriend is home before you. It’s hard to imagine there is actually a woman living in this losers place who calls him her boyfriend. All he wants to do is be dressed in drag with a zillion cocks being jerk’d off on top of him. Gross I know right! But the best part is I’m getting paid by the minute to use and fuck over this pasty bitch.
I didn’t even get to the super grody part, this diaper fetish creep stuffs the diaper full of warm oatmeal while he’s doing his phone sex session. Sometimes even I can’t believe this this freaky shit.
Happy #420 green lovers It’s 4/20 so smoke it up stoners!

Rep Weiner The Weinergate Pervert

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Hey geeks, wow it’s been a fun week with Weinergate and another pervert official showing off his dong in public. Another pervert swayed by pussy. In Weiners chat he said to one of the girls “Wow a Jewish Girl who gives head“. Most of us Jewish girls love to suck cock but swallowing, grody none of the JAPS in my Jew crew would EVER let those nasty demon seeds get anywhere near our perfect dental work.
Rumor has it that Jewish men have small cocks, I’ve always thought that was a ridiculous myth and here we have further proof. I have to say the Weinerdog is PACKIN some serious Hebrew hammer heat in there.
Guys, when are you going to learn to stop showing off your cock on the web to Woman you can’t trust. This is what makes phone sex, phone anything so much safer.
1. We won’t see your phone number
2. You can be anonymous and be whoever you want without proving it (Nice pictures of Clinton behind your chest Weiner)
3. The $3.00 a minute it would cost to talk to me is a hell of a lot cheaper then what it’s going to cost you to get your reputation back and the jewelry you’re going to have to get your lady.
4. I don’t out the semi famous and famous perverts that have been stupid enough to out themselves to me. I have no interest in getting on Entertainment Tonight or talking to TMZ.
With that being said, Perverts give me a call for a safe, humiliating experiance with a cock loving Jewish Princess
I’m feeling generous, spend $1000 get 1 minute free.


Royal Bitch Princess Week

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Hey dorkatronic Jewish Princess lovers! It’s been Royal week all week long and I did some royal Jewish Princess fuck overs. Passover loser discovered that I had posted his web cam stills on Twitter and begged me to take them down, so for a nice chunk of cash I took them down and taxed him on idiot fee for being so stupid to think I wasn’t going to spread him all over the internet and whore his pictures out for my own laughs.
If you’re willing to get on cam and humiliate yourself you open yourself up to getting humiliated then know the possibilities of what could happen to you ! It took him nearly a week to realize that beyond posting him on Twitter I posted even more revealing photos on my site. Wahh wahhh the loser sissy bitch came to me asking him to take his pictures down thinking that because he paid me to take them off Twitter that they should come down. FUCK THAT NOISE NERD! Even though I blurred his face out he thought the background of his room would be too obvious as well. I’m not sure at point he thought I gave a fuck about him getting found out for being a slave to a Jewish Goddess being the dirt under my Jewish powerful feet. His family would freak, just the way I like it. There were 2 photos that clearly showed his face so I thought $400 was an adequate blog removal fee for a Arab slave boy. He thought it was too expensive but when you fuck with a snobby Jewish Royal bitch you’re going to pay the price for being a sub human loser. PS. He is so gross and knows how gross he is that he wouldn’t even show me his nasty brown dick. Ya for me not having to see that nasty thing.

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