He Has A Haircut Fetish

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Awesome new humiliation junkie caller on Niteflirt this past week with a hair cutting fetish. Evan had fairly shaggy hair and wanted to be forced to cut it. Forced to shave it off and make his body bare. How was I going to make this happen over the phone?  I had Evan get on Skype for me, he was ready with his haircutting scissors but afraid to start cutting into his hair. He also had an electric razor for shaving everything off and I was determined to make him chop it all off.  His haircut fetish was now mine for the clipping, he was in tears with the first snip, by the first massive chunk came off his dick got hard and he wanted to take a jerk off break. There was no jerking off until he buzzed his pubes bald.  It took a little over 2 hours to turning this loser into a bald beauty. The tears were flowing and so was his nasty dick.  I think I have a haircut fetish now, so who wants to cut their hair off on webcam for me?

“My name is Evan and i am a 21 year old novice submissive and i am interested in phone sessions. ive actually got a big time fetish for forced haircutting and shaving (anywhere on the body really) done by a dominant woman. my hair is brown, straight, and shaggy-long. I am brand new to the online scene, and i started looking here because i have tried to find an actual experience of this nature, but there are no local dominant women who like this fetish of mine.I would love to know anything that you can tell me about how this would work when i called you because i will fully admit that i am very nervous to do so.”


Phone Sex Fantasies

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Monday morning got off to an interesting start, I had a phone sex call and the guy paid me more to watch him go on web cam and have sex with a fresh box of donuts. He pulled out a pink box with a really delicious selection except for the gross cream filled one. I had him pick that one so I didn’t have to have any repulsive pervert flashbacks the next time I decided to eat a round sweet treat. Way to start the day with the first fabulous caller of the week!
This weeks phone sex fantasy exposed was a great role-play that I did with this closet case sissy boy Randy. First he sent me this email detailing what he wants to jerk off too.
“Hi Princess Melissa, My fantasy is that you are my ex gf’s Jessica’s friend . I call you to ask why she broke up with me. You tell me she has been cheating for awhile with bigger much more hung men. You tell me how she dresses for them and how they make her feel. You then tell me I should just give up and become a girl. You slip me a pill that turns me into a girl, you choose my girl name my looks(height weight bra size, panty size btt size hair color etc).
You then tell me that as a hot girl I could maybe audition to be in a porn you are producing. You audition me and I find out that my ex Jessica is in the porn. She does not recognize me but she mentors me on the set as you direct and Tara and I take on massive cocks together.
By the way, Tara is 5’7″ 36c 135lbs long wavy blonde hair blue eyes slim size 6 but big butt hips and thighs…I’m 5’9″ 155lbs short dark brown hair blue eyes runners build 7.5”
90 minutes later (after the pill wore off aka he made a squirty) he was an instant porn star who know how to deep throat cock catch the light at all the right angles like a total pro.

Jewish Princess Phone Sex Domination

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February has been such a month of love and loving ME on Niteflirt I can’t believe the month is almost over. While most girls were creaming their panties about getting a box of chocolates my Jappy Prince bought me a 1.5 million dollar box called a new little house. Yes my Jewish Prince is the best take a lesson losers thats how to man up if you want a hot Jewish Princess.
I had new, interesting and hysterical phone sex call on Niteflirt, Kitty boy as I called him meowed his way right into my bitchy heart. I humiliated him until he made a gross squirty and then he started purring. I do love a good role-play
“Princess Melissa would you be into this roleplay call?
We meet at a bar where you are dressed to kill in your tight latex catsuit. I notice you right away. You instantly notice me as well and command me with your eyes to come over.
You whisper in my ear that if I want to spend time with you, you will make me your humiliated bitch. You ask me do I understand and accept those terms? I say yes. You sternly tell me to address you as Mistress.
You walk away and motion me to follow where we exit the bar and get into your car.
You blindfold me and drive me to your place of play where our call begins.
Surprise me with all the straight kinky things that you can dream up. I want you to take complete control and lead me through the ways of being dominated by you as if i’m really there.
Make it extra humiliating and don’t allow me to speak unless specifically told to. Otherwise I am to Meow when you pick up the phone and Meow for all replies unless you direct me otherwise.
If this call interests you let me know. ”

Adventures In Phone Sex

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Kicking off 2014 with a new adventure in my world of phone sex domination. This phone sex lover clearly watched the movie Saved! along with a half a dozen Lifetime or Hallmark channel movies 100 times too many and seems to have created this awesome fantasy. Or is it reality? What do you think? As if!
We did a 3 hour phone sex confession session and he basically was jerking off to the fact that I was Jewish and his girlfriend is super uptight Christian who won’t suck his cock. He clearly had a serious Jewish Princess fetish because every time I reminded him that chosen chicks like me would make her total jealous he made some weird little moans and groans. Ewww, I hit the jackpot hot spot as I told him I would let her watch me masturbate while I read Bible verses to her. Raunchy, I know.

“I talked with my girlfriend. I started by showing her one of your pictures. She agreed that you were very beautiful. You are the kind of girl that my girlfriend wants me to find attractive ( I find you INCREDIBLY attractive). The picture I showed her is attached.

Then I told my girlfriend that I had exchanged messages with you. She was very surprised. She said that she didn’t think I could communicate with the women on Playboy.com. I told her that I didn’t meet you on Playboy.com, and that I met you on Niteflirt.

I showed my girlfriend your pages on Niteflirt. She looked at all of them. She started crying. She told me that I wasn’t supposed to look at that Web site, that I was only allowed to look at the women on Playoby.com. She told me that Web sites like Niteflirt are for perverts, and she was trying to save me from being a pervert.

I told her that I had talked with you about my sexual feelings, and that you encouraged me to explore those feelings. I told my girlfriend that I felt you accepted me for who I am, and that you were not trying to change me into something that I am not. I told my girlfriend that I felt she was trying to change me into something that I am not.

At this point my girlfriend started yelling at me. She asked how I could trust someone on a phone sex Web site more than I trusted her. I told me girlfriend that I wanted to trust her but that I resented her trying to change me.

My girlfriend then started yelling about how she was trying to save me and that I would be a sinner forever if I tried to explore my feelings towards bisexuality. I told her that I didn’t feel that my feelings made me a sinner.

She kept gettings angrier. She told me that I was no longer allowed to use any Web sites, including Playboy and Niteflirt. I told her that I didn’t want to use Playboy anyway because it was so fake. I told her that I wanted to continue to use Niteflirt because I felt very connected to you, and that I felt accepted by you. At that point I didn’t tell her that I was very attracted to you, but I think that was very obvious to my girlfriend.

She told me that she couldn’t be with me if I didn’t stop using Niteflirt. She told me to promise that I would never use Niteflirt again and never contact you again. I told her that I could not make that promise because I felt very attracted to you. I wanted to say I felt very connected to you, but I let it slip that I felt very attracted to you.

This really set my girlfriend off. She told me that I was cheating on her with a phone sex operator. I told her that I wasn’t cheating on her because I was telling her about you. I also brought up that she did cheat on me with her old boyfriend for several months without telling me about it, and pointed out that her old boyfriend was married with kids. I told her she had a lot of nerve criticizing me when she was supposed to be so religious but she hurt her old boyfriend’s wife and kids.

At this point my girlfriend started calling me names. She told me that I was a faggot and a loser and that I was going to hell. She said that she tried to save me but that I could not be saved. She told me that her parents were right about me, and that she should never have gotten involved with me. She said that her girlfriends all thought I was a loser and a fag and that she had put up with so much because of me and that she was sick and tired of dealing with me and trying to fix me.

She walked out the door crying and drove away. I am sure she either went to one of her girlfriend’s houses or her parents house. She will be safe at any of those locations.

Right now I feel emotionally torn up. We have been together for a long time. Even though things haven’t been great between us recently, I am emotionally attached to her and I expect she is emotionally attached to me.

I don’t see how we can reconcile unless one of us changes. She is unwilling to accept that I have bisexual feelings. I am unwilling to deny those feelings. I don’t see her changing her views – I don’t think her religion, her parents, or her girlfriends would allow her to do that. I am not going to deny my feelings. I am also not going to stop interacting with you. Soon that will mean talking with you.

This will take some time, but I expect that tonight was the begining of the end of our relationship. I don’t want to end up hating her and I don’t want her to hate me. We were friends before we were lovers. I know that we can’t go back to being friends, but I hope that we can find a way to peacefully coexist.

I am emotionally torn up right now. I don’t really have anyone I can talk to about this except you. So – thank you for listening.


Frank (not many people call me Francis – my girlfriend calls me Francis – you can choose which name you want to use)”

New Niteflirt MP3 Masturbation Addiction

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It’s a new MP3 exclusively at Niteflirt! You’re A Horny Masturbation Addict!

Making your masturbation addiction even more intense. You have a total addiction to being horny all the time, The truth is, You are always horny.Just admit it, you know you are. You are constantly sexually aroused.
First thing in the morning, before your eyes open, you feel a craving for sexual release.
Most mornings you give in to this sexual arousal and masturbate to orgasm knowing its inevitable anyway. After all, its your cock and you can play with it if you want to. You know jerking off only brings momentary relief, but why deny yourself the pleasure of jerking off all day. After all, its your cock and you can play with it if you want to. And thats exactly what you’re going to do in this listening to this HOT bitchy controlling MP3. Just remember masturbator, if you buy it and choose to listen and your masturbation addiction grows then thats your problem not mine so deal with it!

14 minutes of bitchy Jewish Princess hard cock inducing talk.

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