You Totally Wish I Had A Cock – Follow Up

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Dear stalkers and loves, Update on my previous post about the insane email from the weirdo who wanted me to be a valley girl with a cock. I know it was totally weird, so weeks later the weirdo calls me, and yeah he was every bit just as weird on the phone. I can only imagine what this freako looks like. No, I actually don’t want to imagine what he looks like I already only have a small thread of hope for mankind.
Seriously, I deserve an Emmy for my unbelievable daytime performance that I just did. I just did the best improve phone sex call ever. I really got into having a big cock and teasing my gay broke loser boyfriend while I broke up with him for the rich lawyer.
This whole role-play needs to be dissected. This loser probably has the most inadequate cock and craves to suck a big cock. Ughhhh what a loser thats for the laughs freaks!

Spoiled Jewish Princess Goes To Europe. Again

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I’m back Jewish Princess Lovers! 2 and 1/2 weeks split up between France and Amsterdam. My whole trip was first class all the way. I stayed in one 5 star hotel in Amsterdam and had an amazing suite there with a huge balcony on the Amstel. Room service daily and really good pot chilling on the balcony and going to museums was incredible. I know you all want to know if I went to some sex shows in the Red Light District and the answer is EWWW GROSS NO! Like seriously, I see enough nasty cock and vagina online I don’t need to be in the same room with 100 Asians fresh off a tour bus and the smell of grody sex permeating the stuffy like theatre that probably hasn’t had a good cleaning in 30+ years. I do always love looking at the hookers in the windows although I always end up just wanting to save one and get them back home to their country they were stolen from. Loved it!
France was decadent as always, I stayed in 2 Palace rated hotels because in Paris 5 star isn’t good enough. It was a full on Jewish Princess trip filled with pure luxury. If you follow me on Twitter you would have followed my adventures in Luxe travel while I was there by watching where I was posting from. Decadent wines, champagnes, hotels, shopping and dining every single day. Best part is, you dorks who are obsessed with me paid for it! I’m not a nice Jewish girl it’s just my awesome life and I’m totally entitled to it and you love it!

Jewish Princess New Years

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Happy New Year to all my naughty Jewish Princess addicts. I ended 2011 on a really high note and I mean that literally. New Years Eve was amazing. If you follow my Twitter you would have read about all the fun I was having that you caller worship slaves paid for. I had a small dinner party with my snobby Jewish best friends and we indulged in a fantastic catered dinner and a few bottles of Dom Perignon to ring in the new year. My well hung JAP boyfriend gave me the last bang of 2011 and it was time to pass out. We woke up and started the New Year in full on snobby Jewish Princess style with hits from the vaporizer, omelets and Mimosas made with 2004 Louis Roederer Cristal Brut. Thanks slave Daniel for the Cristal to kick things off right. That’s right, my New Years kicked off more decadent then yours. My resolutions this year are to use my losers twice as hard, cash rape and blackmail twice the amount of my femdom followers and shop even more then ever. More luxury travel paid for by nerds like you. Let’s all raise a glass and give a cheers to more humiliating phone bone for 2012! Open those wallets and get to spoiling your favorite dirty naughty Jewish girl.

Passover Putz 2011 Holiday Humiliation

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Shalom peeps, I’ve totally been sticking to Passover and well thats kinda making me like totally bloated and gassy. I have a major case of Passover gas ass. This new throng of Jewish Princess fart lovers have been begging and throwing cash at me for the chance to get a whiff of that matzo scented derriere. I saw some hot new jeans I need but there’s no way in hell my big juicy ass is going to fit into it until this holiday is over. Ya know what, fuck it I’m totally rebelling no more matzo bloat. If I had one of you loser boys here right now I would take each slice out and bust it over you hard dick as you stood there pathetic, naked and weak. That would be funny wouldn’t it?
And here we have my Passover Putz 2011 direct from the United Kingdom I present to you loser slave boy Fareed. He’s been desperate to serve a chosen one and knows he belongs under my powerful Jewish ass. We started off him dropping off a couple hundred to me at Niteflirt before I would even look at him on cam He begged me not to post these photos, AS IF! I have to show off to everyone the biggest Passover loser of the year. This skinny little English dirt bag flea needs to be annihilated by a Jewish Princess. Submit and open that wallet sissy boy! I gave him a light cash raping giving him a little hope I might blur his face out completely. That’s going to be at least another $150 at least. Fuck it, feeling greedy and celebrating freedom! So fuck you very much Saudi bitch boy!


Catholic And Wondering Mail From The Loser Letters

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Loser mail always a pleasure, but when I get ignorant loser mail that’s written with worse punctuation then mine then you know it’s bad. Here we have this fantastic loser note I received.
Joe Snodgrass – Catholic Ignorant And Wondering
” I”m catholic and normally i would say Jews are against kink and leg or foot love but i was on this profile and see you do everything. be honest and nice for just a minute this could change my opinion completely .. are Jewish people down with that stuff or are they against kinky foot or leg fun.. let me know i just might have a new respect for “Jewish people”.

Well Snodgrass, is that really the name you chose to use or were you born with that uptight last name? First, lets start with you would “normally say” Jews are against kink. Can you be more ignorant with that statement? What do you know that makes you ever so knowing that you would normally say that? I’m so happy to read you may have a new respect for “Jewish people” that are kinky that are “down with it”.
Watch out Snodgrass we kinky Jews are everywhere. Oh by the way, as far as me being nice for just a minute. When you have respect for my people you can then pay me to be nice to you. Like duh, I’m Not A Nice Jewish Girl!
Live and taking calls on Niteflirt Come get some verbal abuse and hilarious humiliation because I’m in the mood to rip some goy boy’s wallets into empty vessels of lifelessness.

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