Jewish Phone Sex Jewish Princess Melissa

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Too busy for you…. that was really the theme for last year. I spent a lot of time traveling and working on my phone sex empire. So, I’ll attempt to post more but I probably won’t because I have other things to do like shop more and make more money for more luxury travel. Have you missed me? You can always find me on my Twitter account for a more up to date way to obsess over me. Jewish phone sex is what you’ve been dreaming of except when you have Jewish phone sex with me you may or may not be allowed to get off hahaha because we both know I just don’t care.
Jewish phone humiliation is everything you’ve been dreaming of and now is your chance to experience it with yours truly.
Jewish Princess Worship

The Executive Who Loves Humiliation

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Princess Melissa, I’m an executive who appears comfident and successful on the outside, but I’ve recently become increasingly addicted to a need for humiliation and embarrassment, and I’d love for you to help me take it to the next level. I follow you on Twitter and it indicates that you are quite adept at delivering the type of emasculating abuse I crave. Specifically, I’m hoping that you can mockingly encourage me to see a “vanilla” escort or two, and confess my desire to be used as a sissy cocksucker, smell her sweaty toes, and beg her to kick me in the balls. The worse you scare me with what you are going to have me do, the better. I want you to take me deep into sub space and further addict me to your mocking cruelty as you take me for a painful ride. I look forward to speaking to you. – Derrick

Derrick called me and he began the conversation with a cocky attitude and kicked it off with “Have you ever had someone with a type A personality call you” (Insert eye roll) I immediately brought the idiot down to reality. I enhanced the phone call by having him get on webcam and show me his office. I admit I was impressed, he was indeed calling from a beautiful office in Manhattan with a stunning view. I took a few screen shots and gave him the blackmail fetish portion of the session that he was eagerly waiting for. I dangled his photos jerking off in his face threatening to post an ad on Craigslist in Manhattan featuring his lovely photos. The idiot lasted a whole 13 minutes, typical for a poser who thinks he’s dominant.

Bow Down To Princess Melissa

Femdom Princess Phone Sex

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Liz Lemon Leia knows where its at. May the loser force be with you nerds! Princess phone sex is what you nerds crave. The hot girl in high school that only talked to you so you would do her homework. Here I am! Laughing in your face, turning you into a sissy who wears hot pink lace panties to work. You’ll do what ever humiliation assignment I give you AND you LOVE IT!


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You Think You’re A Phone Sex Director? As If

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I love getting requests from new phone sex jerk offs for specific things to say or do. I’m kidding… I make the rules and you may make a suggestion but when it comes to what I’m going to wear, and especially the custom photos with the really specific things like signs etc you’d better have a wallet stacked with Benjamin’s to fulfill your loser fantasy. I received this gem from a putz who thinks he’s a budding porn director.
So I respond to wank off with a price for his stupid custom photo holding up a sign. I thought $150 was a pretty low price considering he’s going to jack off to it who knows how many times and I’m certainly not getting a cut of each time that happens.
Does the cheap phone sex loser wanna pay to play. Of course not, he thinks he’s gonna get all this for a low price of $20. Bitch, that barely covers lunch so take your little lost foot fetish dream and move on to a non Jewish Princess who you can afford.

“I would love to do a foot fetish call. I would also love it if you could do a custom pic first before the call. I would love to see the bottom of your feet with your toes scrunched up so that the soles of your feet are all wrinkly. I would also love to see your soles and your face in the same shot. Could you also hold up a sign that says : “Lick my wrinkly feet bitch”. I will pay for the pic of course.
For the call, I would love for you to just say the following : “lick my feet bitch” “lick my pretty wrinkly teen feet” “suck my toes bitch” “suck and gag on my feet” “gag on my foot bitch”, or anything like that. You can say this all while you are relaxing with your pretty feet up. You could even be doing something else like reading a book or magazine, surfing the web, reading emails, watching tv, whatever.
The only other thing is that I don’t have much privacy so I really can’t talk…

Trannies And A Ped Egg Fetish

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You know how there are all these super off the wall fetishes out there like people in love with inanimate objects and the list goes on. Have we discussed the foot fetish art of worshipping someones dry foot scrapings. Sorry for ruining whatever meal you had prior or one that I just ruined. This whole pedi egg foot scraping fetish is so beyond gross. Guys actually buy the foot parmesan fresh grated from girls dry feet! You don’t even deserve to have a cock to be into something that gross. Thats really taking worship to an entirely new level of nasty.

“Im looking to set up a call with you where you either give me instructions or participate in a brutal humiliation call. I am a 45 yr old white businessman, and I’m going to Philadelphia tomorrow night and staying in a hotel. I found a group of three black trannies on who specialize in humiliating white sissyfags (which I am), and I would like you to either give me direction on what I should ask them to do to me, or have you on speaker phone during our session telling us what to do. I would like to be brutalized, and made to feel real fear. Love to start off servicing their feet, and having them use a pedi egg to scrape the dead skin off the bottom of their feet right into my open mouth, with the threat of having my balls kicked into my stomach if I shut my mouth. Also interested in taking them out for some brutalpublic humiliation, where they take turns French kissing me in a crowded bar or Starbucks, tweaking my nipples like a little bitch. As you can see, the worse you can treat me, the better. I’m thinking the call will go at least two hours, so please let me know if this is something that interests you and we can set it up. I really hope you are up for this, as I need someone like you to encourage this so I don’t back out”

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