Worship These Perfect Jewish Princess Feet

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Hey dorks, you’ve been begging over and over to worship my perfect Jewish Princess feet so I made you foot sluts a little foot and heel worship clip to wank your little shmeckle over. Not that I want you freaks to wank over my feet but I know that’s exactly what you’ll be doing when my precious feet are right there in your face making all 5 inches of your dorkhood hard. Click and pay my pretty flashing feet and give me more cash to buy new heels.

On to other matters holiday cash extraction festivities are in full effect. Steven took a few peeks at some snotty haughty pictures of me flipping him off in my Gucci gear and instantly his wallet opened up and I took a few hundred to kick things off. Hanukkah is getting closer and I’m feeling extra greedy so like get your fingers to amazon.com right now and send me a gift certificate. I don’t mean in an hour or later in the day, I mean now. Start by kissing my royal ass and send it to jappyprincessmelissa@yahoo.com.

Awesome admirer letter to share from a little baby dick loser who lusts me. Ewwwwww he’s a teacher too!

“Dear Princess,
Hey — how did you know my dick looks like a shrimp? You’re definitely right about the size — and about me being super hard. I feel like I’m in high school again; I think your name and your ass and I’ve got a hard-on. For the first time in years I have to be careful about this. I am a teacher, which means I need to be careful about thinking about you in front of class. No good having the little shrimp poke up in front of my students! Of course that’s probably the best thing about being tiny — nobody would probably notice. Still I’d love to sink into your incredible pussy. ”