Glory Hole Phone Sex

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Happy post Thanksgiving from your Jewish phone sex Princess! Did you show your thanks to me? Today you’re going to thank for me this loser who wants to know if he’s gay. I hear way too often that a guy accidentally ended up with a dick in the mouth. You suck a dick once and yeah, that makes you a big flaming cock lover. What Man just accidentally lets a cock go into their lips, oh wait the kind that is begging to have a big hot jizz load shot down their throats!

‘Two nights ago I found myself at an adult bookstore – browsing the new release dvd section. This particular store still has the video booths that you can watch in. I had been in there a time or two (maybe more) bet never into the booths. For some reason, I needed to have a release so I got some change and headed back. I was enjoying the movie I had selected when I heard a tap on the side of the wall from the booth next to me. That is when I looked over and saw the hole in the wall – and a cock sliding through. I was somewhat in a daze as I watched this hard cock slide through right at eye level. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I started to get up to leave, as I did, my own hand betrayed me and it reached out to touch it. I wrapped my fingers around him and slowly started to stoke him. I heard him moan, and I lost control, my stroking got faster, my mouth got closer, before I knew what I was doing his cock was in my mouth. He kept saying, yes so good, yes please don’t stop, here it cums – as he shot cum right into my mouth. Dumbstruck I swallowed and kept stroking until he started pulling his cock back through the hole. I heard him say thanks as the door opened and he left. I sat there and for the first time got a clear mind and realized my own cock was rock hard. I had enjoyed that, there was no way to deny it. The movie I had on had run out of time, but still I sat, stroking my cock, when I heard the door open and shut again. I sat quiet, scared? hoping? not sure – I think you know what happened again.
Am I gay? How do I tell my wife about this? Why can’t I stop thinking about going back? Why do I want to suck more than two next time? Can you help me?”

Yeah I can hep this guy, I think he needs some pimping out on craigslist.

Forced Intoxication Humiliation Phone Domination

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It’s another babbling idiot submissive loser who wanted to have a fun round of forced intoxication with a little blackmail mixed in. His girlfriend was out of town for the weekend and he was ready to hit the phone sex and the bottle hard. I love the way he starts out holding up his bottle of loser booze and started it chugging it, it took only an hour before the slobbering freak was ripe and ready to be totally humiliated and forced to do humiliating acts of total and pure idiocy. He had his lipstick out and ready to draw all over himself the more he got sloshed, he was slurring so bad at one point I was sitting there for over 30 min of him talking nonsense while I sat and texted my friends and got paid for it.
One of my favorite parts of forced intoxication is getting my underling losers so blasted that I can totally ignore them and let the cash roll in while im busy doing other things. I just start to think about all the things I want and need and thing about how great it is to be me.
Getting you blasted and taking your bucks!

Femdom Princess Phone Sex

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Liz Lemon Leia knows where its at. May the loser force be with you nerds! Princess phone sex is what you nerds crave. The hot girl in high school that only talked to you so you would do her homework. Here I am! Laughing in your face, turning you into a sissy who wears hot pink lace panties to work. You’ll do what ever humiliation assignment I give you AND you LOVE IT!


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Another Jewish Princess Luxury Getaway

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Happy New Year! What a wonderful year 2012 was, filled with 5 star travel, staying in a couple palaces, visiting the Middle East and for the most part you my beloved Jewish Princess lovers paid for it. In typical Jewish Princess celebration mode I just got back from yet another fabulous getaway with the Jewish Prince up to Santa Barbara starting off with lunch and champagne at the Four Seasons and then heading off for a super romantic luxury getaway at the San Ysidro Ranch. Being the super snobby hotel JAP’s that we are we got a beautiful cottage because we don’t do the basic rooms. Whats the point if you can’t experience it the way it was meant to be, not on a budget!
Before we left one of my phone sex addicts sent me a $400 gift card to my favorite wine shop K & L Wine Merchants. We stopped off and that barely covered one bottle of wine and one bottle of champagne.
Abe is so obsessed with me and my boyfriend he loves to contribute to our decadent life. He’s a rich fat old Jewish guy in Miami who can’t get enough of what a little snobby brat I am yet, so refined at the same time. He call’s just to talk about wine sometimes and by the end of the call I’ve always scored a nice chunky gift card to K & L. Lets just say my wine cellar is growing fast, just like my bank account. Abe has a mega tiny little dick and when I insult him with Yiddish slang you should see the way his little pee pee just springs up into a raging 4 inches!
Can’t wait to make 2013 even more about Me and you paying for my super Jappy lifestyle.

Australian Pay Slut Platinum Pig

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I love coming back from a luxury vacation and being spoiled by a Jewish Princess obsessed pay slut. One Aussie pay slut who couldn’t deal without me for 2 weeks went on a big phone sex cash spending binge. It was like the second I flipped my Niteflirt phone domination lines on and was ready to start accepting cash via the phone the Jewish Princess slaves were lining up but, this little financial domination piggy had to get up first in line. He was ready to replenish anything I had spend while I was traveling. I should only be saving money watching my bank account grow and grow as I spend your money. I play while you guys pay its just the perfect understanding we have don’t we.
I do love a good humiliation junkie, this loser is actually pretty cute too but I thought I would spare him the humiliation of showing his face for tributing such a substantial amount of cash to my American Express platinum card bill. He was like basically in tears that I wouldn’t talk while I was in Europe for more the a few minutes not giving him the attention he was so desperate for.
I was charging $50.00 per minute on Niteflirt while I was traveling because like if I’m going to be bothered while I’m luxuriating then it better be worth it. So it was worth my time only 5 minutes and dinner was paid for that night. Loves it, later freaks! You wanna go wanky while I laugh at you? Then duh, call me!

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