Humiliation Tasks For Jerk Offs Who Cum Without Paying

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I tenderized the fuck out of this losers cock in this spicy humiliation task that happened. Here’s how it all began,
Princess Melissa, it seems you have caught me jerking to your pics without permission!!
You decide to punish me by sentence of forced Masturbation no cumming just punishing torture!
I will have to jerk off for a long period that you choose 6 hrs is the record using a metronome to keep pace 60 to 180 beats per minute! The trick is I have to use butter as lube and after I lubed up and slick on both my hand and penis I must sprinkle salt and cayenne pepper on my hand and penis! Then jack off at speed you wish as long as you wish adding salt and pepper every 5-15 minutes as you command.
You can punish me any way you see fit including assign more salt, picking up the pace etc.

I ended up making this loser bitch slave ride a dildo while he performed his loser salt rub humiliation task. I wanted to make this loser turn his disgusting uncircumcised dick into a tenderized piece of loser meat. This wasn’t nearly enough punishment for this loser jerking off to me for free! So, I added some toothpaste and Ben Gay into the mix. I was thinking about hot sauce but then I would never want to eat hot sauce again if I had to know he was abusing it like that. I ended up having him jerk off to tumblr only allowing him to jerk off to gay porn for that added spice.

Another day in the life of my phone sex world.


Make Me A Craigslist Slut

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Craigslist slut

A new closet case called my phone domination line looking to get whored out to suck cock on Craigslist. Another loser who thinks I have the time to sit around and post his loser gay all on the internet to get his mouth and boy pussy laid. Loser boy learned fast that my time is money. So he sent me a $200 tribute to write a few craigslist ads for him.

“Princess Melissa I’m Craig and I live in Los Angeles. It is a huge fantasy of mine to have a dominant Jewish woman making me suck some real cock. I would love to have you place an ad on craigslist etc. so that you have complete control and you instructing me which cocks to suck, with you on the phone while I’m sucking too – making me do it for you. I’m a little nervous about swallowing cum too as I don’t want to gag but I really want to swallow, so that I can give the best blow job. Just to clarify, I want to do this for real, with you placing the ad and finding the cocks you want me to suck (I ask for it to be this way as I feel knowing as little about the cocks I’m going to suck is a huge turn on and is more exciting).
I also have some poppers which I’d love for you to instruct me when and how to take them. I really like the idea of not having ANY CONTROL. It would be really great if you threw in some twists of your own too, I don’t mind if you want me to drink or wear certain things…whatever you say, I will do, would love if you were getting me to do things I would never normally do (I should let you know that I’m really not into having my ass penetrated though).
This would be an on-going thing, with you instructing me things to do and prepare until our next call. And anytime you want me to call, email me and I will do exactly as you tell me.
Could you also let me know whens best to do this, I’m looking to do this as soon as possible.
I am completely genuine and will 100% surrender to you if you are happy to do this.”

The ad got a shocking amount of responses, I guess I made him sound super sexy and of course free drugs always gets them going. Of course the bitch ass kissing loser backed out of actually doing it but it didnt matter because I got paid and made $350 in an hour.

Jewish Princess Phone Sex Domination

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February has been such a month of love and loving ME on Niteflirt I can’t believe the month is almost over. While most girls were creaming their panties about getting a box of chocolates my Jappy Prince bought me a 1.5 million dollar box called a new little house. Yes my Jewish Prince is the best take a lesson losers thats how to man up if you want a hot Jewish Princess.
I had new, interesting and hysterical phone sex call on Niteflirt, Kitty boy as I called him meowed his way right into my bitchy heart. I humiliated him until he made a gross squirty and then he started purring. I do love a good role-play
“Princess Melissa would you be into this roleplay call?
We meet at a bar where you are dressed to kill in your tight latex catsuit. I notice you right away. You instantly notice me as well and command me with your eyes to come over.
You whisper in my ear that if I want to spend time with you, you will make me your humiliated bitch. You ask me do I understand and accept those terms? I say yes. You sternly tell me to address you as Mistress.
You walk away and motion me to follow where we exit the bar and get into your car.
You blindfold me and drive me to your place of play where our call begins.
Surprise me with all the straight kinky things that you can dream up. I want you to take complete control and lead me through the ways of being dominated by you as if i’m really there.
Make it extra humiliating and don’t allow me to speak unless specifically told to. Otherwise I am to Meow when you pick up the phone and Meow for all replies unless you direct me otherwise.
If this call interests you let me know. ”

New Niteflirt MP3 Masturbation Addiction

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It’s a new MP3 exclusively at Niteflirt! You’re A Horny Masturbation Addict!

Making your masturbation addiction even more intense. You have a total addiction to being horny all the time, The truth is, You are always horny.Just admit it, you know you are. You are constantly sexually aroused.
First thing in the morning, before your eyes open, you feel a craving for sexual release.
Most mornings you give in to this sexual arousal and masturbate to orgasm knowing its inevitable anyway. After all, its your cock and you can play with it if you want to. You know jerking off only brings momentary relief, but why deny yourself the pleasure of jerking off all day. After all, its your cock and you can play with it if you want to. And thats exactly what you’re going to do in this listening to this HOT bitchy controlling MP3. Just remember masturbator, if you buy it and choose to listen and your masturbation addiction grows then thats your problem not mine so deal with it!

14 minutes of bitchy Jewish Princess hard cock inducing talk.

Sissy Fetish Fanboy

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The holidays bring me a ton of gifts, cash, long calls and the list goes on but, I always love the gift of making an asshole out of yourself for my and my fans amusement. One of my super sissy fetish fans made me this darling picture to show me how much he loves me.
His search for a Jewish phone sex femdom dreams came true when he met me. Now he lives to pay me, years to clean my house and clean the bottoms of my shoes at the end of the day. Aren’t I lucky? I will be taking phone sex calls on Niteflirt during Christmas. I have nothing that important to do that day then fuck over the massive amounts of depressed losers who will be needing some attention and somewhere to dump off their excess cash. Thats right I’ll be your virtual Jewish santa clause bitches! Go to my Amazon wish list and buy me something and show me what a good fanboy you are.
Sissy For Melissa

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