Cash Pigs Pay Off My Platinum Card

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Welcome back Jappy! Yeah, I know I havent been keeping up with my rantings but ya know, Febuary the month of extra love was the month of Jappy Euro – Middle East tour 2012. I was busy 5 star First Class globe hopping. From London to Paris I stayed in the most decadent hotels that only a Palace rating would suffice in Paris. Nothing less for a dominating Jewish Princess like me of course. I ended up extending my stay in Paris because one of my European cash sluts couldn’t bear the thought of me not getting an entire week in Paris. He’s a real authentic online financial domination expert pay pig slut. He can meet my greedy expectations and undersands when I whine that I want more that I’m going to get MORE. He extended our Palace stay at Le Meurice and loaded me up with 3 grand to shop with for the next 3 days. That was enough to cover dinner, fabulous wine and some beautiful art thats being shipped. That’s right, my life IS better then yours AND you pay for it! You pay for it AND you LOVE it!
Isn’t it nice knowing you and your loser family get as far as Florida or Mexico for a big trip and then here I am going First Class and you back in coach and you paying for MY upgraded life. You jerk off’s love me don’t you! So, here I am back on Niteflirt and Myphonesite taking calls.  Back to listing to your perverted thoughts and dreams while I mock you and laugh at you about them.  I love how so many of you phone sex callers couldn’t wait to get me back to humiliating you and insulting you! First up was this fat fucking loser jelly rolls boy. He couldn’t wait to get on webcam and pay me to make him pull on his fat rolls and then draw and circle every flaw on his body. As you might imagine we had him totally drawn he because he’s such a repulsive loser full of defects! I worked this pay pig over for a few hundred, not a bad way to kick off my homecoming. Lets work on making it even better I have more luxury vacations to book that you need to pay for. After all I am the chosen one!

Jelly Rolls