Cash Domination Escapades Cinco Drinko Drunko

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Happy Cinco de drinko lush puppy’s! I’m super hung over from last night it was a really long night of free flowing margaritas and hot boys! This super hot guy was hitting on me but there was a major problem, he was wearing an Ed Hardy shirt and how can I not mention the chain wallet that is WAY too 2008 for me. Lucky for me I was still going to flirt with him and use him for the next round of drinks for me and my Jappy Princess posse. I’ll be taking more pictures soon and some new tease clips for all you Jewish Princess fanatics.
Jonathan my cuckold designer shoe slave had a huge party here in Los Angeles and it was AMAZING!! The party was held in his Hollywood Hills home with about 200 trendy beautiful people including myself getting down at the Studio 54 themed party. I was so excited to finally get to see his royal cheating JAP of a wife in the flesh. He introduced me to his Beverly Hills empty on the inside wife and said I was a friend of his through his firm. She was really sweet but I knew that she was just a cuckolding wife using Jonathan for his cash pile just like I was so we did have that in common. The party was so fun, I ended up meeting a bunch of guys and it was so hot, I ended up spending most of the night laying on a chair near the pool getting a foot massage from this sexy Italian stud named Joey. He got one look at my Princess feet in my brand new Marc Jacobs heels and complimented my pretty toes. After I made sure he had nice looking hands I told him for $30 I would allow him the pleasure of kissing them and rubbing them for 10 minutes. I had on this tight little black dress, I bent over and that was it, he was following my tight perfect ass over to the lounge chair. Out slipped his wallet and he told me to close me eyes, when I opened them he had placed a folded $100 bill in between my toes. I took one look and said , what a good boy, now lets see what you’ve got. I got the best foot massage ever! And I made $300 for 30 minutes! I am such a super JAP!