Call Your Steamy Little Jewish Princess Niteflirt Issues

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Jewish Princess’s have been admired since the beginning of time. Who doesn’t want a funky little Jewish Princess with titanic tits and sandblasted tits.

Currently with Niteflirt down I can sorta take calls in Beta mode. You can access this by clicking this link
You can find my page at

You can also send me a message on yahoo messenger to arrange a session.

I’ll be headed back East this week for Yom Kippur the most holy of the Jewish holidays. I will be atoning my sins all over the Upper East Side by spending your hard earned cash. Just in time to hit up Madison Ave for some Fall cashmere’s and sexy boots. I plan to visit a couple of my Park Ave hams to make my once a year in your face hour long lunch session, the one where I air kiss them and pretend we are on a date and then by the end of the lunch its me telling them ” Sorry you’re not Jewish you don’t stand a chance but thanks for lunch and the gift” So mean and bratty just the way you love me.
Get ready to bone and atone.