Bringing Fetish Into The Mainstream

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Hey douche stains so like, I really wanted to get into this HBO show Bored To Death I really feel like I should love anything Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis are in. It’s quirky, clever and pervy the way I like my shows. The the series kicks off with what what do you know, the topic of forced feminization in the story. One of the characters who happens to also be a cop says “Have you ever heard of forced feminization, that’s that I got” Um like seriously what is it a disease?
As if I would do that, my idea of a slave abuse location is more like a suite at the Four Seasons or maybe a dressing room in Gucci. I just watched the second episode and that one had the topic of one of the characters wondering if he has a small cock. Like seriously I think I need a session with the writer/ creator Jonathan Ames because someone seems to have some serious fetish interests maybe he should toss in some phone sex and humiliation. As much as I want to love it and will probably still watch quite frankly it left me kinda just bored to death but maybe that’s the point? What do you think?
A new sissy pie came around yesterday like a full throttle out of control addict the loser calls himself “Mandy in panties and tampons” Like, seriously the freaky loser was calling the entire day long begging to see my “beaver” yeah he used the word beaver. He kept blabbing on and on that he was a virgin who’s never seen a beaver and then would nearly break down into tears asking me if I thought he was the biggest loser. Nice way to spend a Sunday I tell you. I got what I wanted off him and headed straight to the mall to sephora for new make up. Love ya geeks!