Brian The Stupid Forced Intoxication Boozer Loozer

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Niteflirt has really been fun the past couple weeks, I’ve been spending a ton of time out at the pool with my girlfriends and cell phone ready to be the little hot Jewish Princess that I am. Brian the boozer has been calling being a really obedient like totally fun drinker. I just get him so super sloshed and then I just drain his dumb ass. We talked a few hours this weekend, can you believe the nerd doesn’t even have a computer at home. Like seriously what a loser. I mean really who doesn’t have a computer. Shot after shot I was taking boozer boy down the long road of brain washing him that all money goes to his Jewish Princess Melissa.
I had him begging to place his nose in my perfect round apple ass to sniff my superior scent.
All you geeks should know where you belong. Under my ass!!