Bossier Then Ever In 2009

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Happy New Year, wow another year and another blog to brag about myself and all the fabulous things that I do or even don’t. I made a last minute decision to spend New Years in Manhattan and NO I didn’t go to Times Square with all the white trash who would actually stand in the cold like a douche bag wearing a fucking commercial product advertisement for Nivea on their head. Had I had been properly prepared I would have given out a New Years Eve humiliation assignment and have any humiliation junkie in Manhattan wear a pair of panties on his head in Times Square and scream out happy new year wearing loads of mardi gras beads. I pulled a super Jewish Princess move and made one of my super rich loser callers pay for my $650 round trip flight LAX to JFK baby! Not only did I have him buy my ticket there was no way I was going to leave my girl Jules behind! I did have one more thing I needed and that was AT LEAST $1000 to play at the New Juicy store on 5th Ave. This paypig is a pay to view whore on Niteflirt. He’s one of those submissive pathetic losers who sluts out from girl to girl dropping thousands and thousands. But there is one little magic button that I push that gets me those last min plane tickets. I pull out my secret jappy weapon and the loser is like a endless ATM. I open him up and give him a serious work over. I had a whole new collection of Jewish Princess ass worship losers come my way all wanting the same thing. Wanting and needing the cold and bratty abuse of a bossy bitchy demanding Jewish Princess and then to be smothered by round bratty bottom.

Juicy Manhatten

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