Bitter Yet So Sweet Check Out This Treat To LA

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Los Angeles the city I love yet I hate. This totally awesome clip is going around and I had to post it since its so hysterical and perfect. This little NY/LA Princess is getting ready to jet out to Vegas then off to Manhattan for a week of lunching with the ladies at the Carlyle to strutting my fine dominating ass through Bergdorf Goodmans.
I have some friends in right now from DC thanks for the tributes for our “Dine Like A Princess” week with Jappy. How that worked was my friends come in from DC and I take them to my top 5 restaurants in Los Angeles and you submissive Jewish Princess minions pay for it!
My Jap Express card was bulging and ready to be used up and played with. I’m totally super hung over right now we drank way too much champagne last night over at the W bar. I ended up making out with my friend Cher last night causing of course all the boys to stop and stare and want to come get to know us. Each and every douche bag gave it his best pick up shot thinking he stood a chance of bringing us home for a hot threesome. As if that was going to happen with this bumper crop of Hollywood’s load of douche bag industry dick bags. Pay for our drinks and keep your hard on in check, you pay, we play. This clip is dedicated to all the Hollywood ass kissing douche bags who want a piece of this prime pussy.
Shalom Bitches!!