Bitchy Suckers Coming Back For A Jap Attack

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It was groundhog day the entire weekend when this totally stuck on stupid perv-o-rama loser called me all weekend off and on the entire day. His name is garbagegobbler he’s not the typical caller, this guy was and is the definition of a freak who calls adult lines. He would call me 4 -5 times each day and each time he called it, it was as if we never spoke and had the exact same conversation each time. He has this weird garbled up voice and all he wants to do is fly me out to Boston have me kick the crap out of him and then let him eat my garbage. He begs to wash my lingerie in his mouth with gallons of bleach being poured down his throat. Seriously, like talk about some sick fucking losers, this sub human freak was bizarre but of course the $578.21 I made off of him didn’t exactly suck sweaty balls either.
Pay to view Niteflirt whore Gary was having a clickathon with me getting so hard and excited paying his elite Jewish Princess, fuck this guy gets around. I was getting my hair done on Sat and left my phone lines on and thought I’d sneak in a call, How lucky and perfect for me it was my ignore line! How bratty and Jappy is it to sit and get paid while I’m sitting in the along getting my highlights and hair blown out for that evenings festivities.
I’m packing up for a couple days out in San Fran disco and if time some wine tasting. What will you dork’s do without my lush tushy for a few days? Dream of being smothered by the sexy bratty Jappy like no other. I’m kinda feeling horny right now, I’m going to go for a little morning delight right now and myself some big hot cock!

Hot Jappy Princess On The Line