Bitch Boy Loser Pays My Rent

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Hey dorks! Just got off the phone with my fart lover Sean. He needed to find out what I ate over the weekend while I went to so many bbq’s. Burgers, hotdogs, tons of salad and like oh my gawd my ass is gassy! My fart lovers can drop to their knees because these Jewish farts are super ripe. Are you hard just thinking of nuzzling up to my ass? I love starting off the month with a financial domination cash pig loser on Niteflirt who paid my rent before 8am. Another day another dork diddling his dumb stick wanting to be fucked over by a superior Jewish Princess. I took immediate control of the loser with my ass, I shoved my ass in his face and trapped him into a trance like hypno state devoted to lay out cash at my every command under my ass. My ass was feeling extra greedy with each ass cheek going after him at $200 per bashing. I kept teasing him with my long silky legs making him so weak and pathetic. I bent him over and financially fucked him so good that June rent was taken care of on May 31. Stupid limp dick sissy bitch would do whatever I tell him and take pictures. Now I can share with the world one more geek willing to be exposed and humiliated.