Ball Smashing The Dermatologist

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I hooked up yesterday with one of my old locals for a drive by ball kicking. He’s a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, mid 40’s pretty good looking and has a serious fetish for my Jewish Princess feet. I told him I had just gotten a pedi egg and he needed to eat my foot dust from the pedi egg. I thought was the perfect way to show me that he’s really ultra dedicated to Jewish brats and will do whatever I ask.
How like totally fucking sick is that? Like SO GROSS! Let’s be real here, money talks, so, for $600 I offered him the chance to get a piece of me, my grody foot dust after I worked out and then a swift ball kicking in my brand new Marc Jacobs platforms. Since I really didn’t have much time for the loser, I ran over to his place knocked on the door, he opened the door all dressed up and I just sneared looking at my iphone watching the clock telling him lets make this snappy. As the door shut behind I heard the click of the lock I ordered him to take his ugly jeans off. We didn’t even make it to the living room where I usually beat his balls in. He dropped to his knees and I told him to take his tongue out and get ready for communion. I help out the little sugar packet of my nasty gross foot dust and I said “Made the power of the Jewish Princess compel you” and I poured it on his tongue delivering a taste his gift. He gagged a little so I spit on his face so he could wash it down. That’s dedication you dorks. I saw my cash on the console and I snatched it up and put it in my purse. I told him to look me in the eyes and right as we locked looks WHAM!!!! I kicked him in the nuts, one hard swift blow knocking him to the ground where he sat there and told me Jewish Princess’s are the most elite of all woman kind.
The best part is, I was actually on a Niteflirt call the entire time, Doobiehauser got a major treat getting to listen in on the ball kicking, ball busting fast swift speedy cash transaction. I am a ball busting Jewish bitch!
Bratty jewish Princess Ballbusting