Back From Vegas A Wynner

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Just rolled in from a FAB 3 days in Las Vegas. I’m so refreshed from my daily spa treatments and pool time. I went with this hot guy I’ve been seeing and we had an amazing time. I was taking calls all day at the pool while he was playing poker, I had dipshit loser Larry the submissive Princess loving pig pay for all of Tuesday and it was HOT!
So like what’s up with all you douche bags STILL wearing the Ed Hardy and the fugly graphic t-shirts smattered in faux washed skulls, wings and played out anarchy symbols. Seriously 2008 called and want their designs back. While the guy I was with was taking a nap I met this really hot guy who couldn’t take his eyes off my ass. He bought me a few drinks and then I decided to tell him I was there with my date. Seriously, I know that is so bitchy of me to use the guy for drinks! Oh we played a few rounds of roulette and he won a couple hundred and gave me $100 for being his Jappy lady luck. I spent a lot of time up in the suite getting my Princess pussy pounded! HOT! Stoopid one minute fart lover just called and interrupted some major girl gossip you annoy me dork!
F.U in vegas